A small burger joint located at Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai.

We had heard a lot about the place that was offering rave worthy burgers and fries so we decided to try it for ourselves.

Rating: 7 Golden Nuggets

The interiors are eccentric and have chucklesome quotes all around the place. The lighting is done creatively with DIY style using box crates. The place isn’t spacious but has a cozy vibe to it.






Brownie Points:
Home delivery
Kid friendly

Golden Treasure: Freakin’ Ferrero and Hot Springs

Bite Board:

1. Moylo’s Burger [AED 39]: A wagyu beef burger with cajun tempura onion ring, cheese and signature moylo sauce. The burger was spectacular and yummilicious.


2. Hot Chick [AED 39]: Crispy fried chicken breast with special spicy buffalo sauce, homemade coleslaw and spicy mayo. A definite try for all the chicken lovers.


3. Truffle Shuffle [AED 39]: Another wagyu beef burger with crispy fried onion rings, cheese and truffle mayo. The patty was juicy and tasted amazing. The burgers can easily be wolfed down by a hungry person unless you are a calorie counter who would be interested in the sharing business.


4. Parmesan Truffle Fries [AED 20]: Crispy fries topped with parmesan cheese, truffle, and chives with mayo sauce. The fries were good but we couldn’t get the flavour of the parmesan cheese.


5. Cheezy Onion Rings [AED 22]: Tempura onion rings stuffed with cheese and ranch sauce. The onions rings were crunchy and the cheese melted in your mouth with every bite.


6. Hot Springs [AED 22]: Curly fries seasoned with homemade cajun spice and truffle mayo. The fries were hot, crispy and spicy and went well with the dips given. The fries are superb that you don’t want to stop munching on them.


7. Freakin’ Ferrero [AED 31]: A shake made of Ferraro rochers. It was delectable and got over within minutes of arriving but we would have loved it if the chocolate ball was on top of the shake. The shake was luscious and not too heavy which makes it a perfect drink to have.


The staff was friendly and treated us well by being so patient while we took our own sweet time what to order and what not!

Cash Outflow:
The food here is a bit expensive but worth trying when you spend that money hidden in your wallet to enjoy the lip smacking burgers and fries along with the delish shake.


12:00PM – 2AM



For more details about the menu visit Zomato.

Circling Back:
We will be making a pit stop in the future to try out more of the decadent burgers and fries.

Have any of you been to Moylo’s? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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