Located behind Home Centre, Karama, Dubai


Downtown Café opened up recently in Karama and there was a lot of hype about its inauguration on the radio and on social media, namely Facebook, where they were giving away discount codes for a meal at their newly opened branch as a part of their promotion.

Ratings: 7 Golden Nuggets

The look and feel inside this cafe is just amazing! It’s got an overall warm cozy feel with the wooden panelling all around and dark furniture. We also really liked the decor on the walls and layout. What makes this place even warmer is the fact that it’s tucked away from the main road, thus making it a warm snug little corner for those quiet intimate meetings! They have a really cute board put up for all their customers to post a message on sticky notes for the Downtown team and generally for them to express their thoughts about the café.
Also, they have a bunch of board games that can be used by the customers for how ever long they want as they dine.

Brownie Points:
Outdoor Seating available
Games available
Kid friendly

Bite Board:

1. Shrimp Basket [AED 30]:
The Shrimp basket was basically deep fried bread crumb covered shrimps, which we found were only average. The quantity was surely good. So was the presentation. They were served as small balls, covered with bread crumbs and filled into two small sweet biscuit cups, along with a serving of tartar sauce. However, the balls were too crunchy and wasn’t soft and tender like we would have expected it to be. Also, we didn’t quite understand why the biscuit cups were paired with the fried Prawns, because they don’t particularly go well together. However on its own, the biscuit cups were quite tasty, would have paired well rather with a hot cup of tea.


2. BBQ Chicken Wings [AED 25]:
These chicken wings were literally “wing” pieces, which we found rather funny! Anyhoo, we decided to dig right into it because they looked divine. The taste though didn’t turn out to be as expected because it had a strong garlic taste and had too much pepper. However when it came to presentation, it was served with garlic bread, and layered on top with honey glaze and garnish which looked superb!


We also ordered for one coffee which was good.

At the end of our meal we were given a complimentary pastry by the manager, which we obviously devoured!


The servers and manager were amazing. We absolutely loved their warm welcome and happy vibes! A shout out to the servers for being so wonderfully courteous.

Cash Flow:
For the entire experience, definitely worth the money and surely deserves another visit.



+971-4 4371615

For more details about the menu visit Zomato.

Circling Back:

To try out the other amazing treasures on their menu? YES! They have Freakshakes on their menu here so that is definitely on my hit list!


Have any of you been to Downtown Café ? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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