One of the food trucks in Market Out of the Box, Burj Park, Downtown Dubai


Looking around the Market, what really caught our eye was this live chicken wings cooking station. Since it was the main and only thing on the menu at the Wingsters food truck/kiosk, we set our expectations really high for a good meal deal.


Rating: 5 Golden Nuggets

We were seated at the seating area, that’s common to all the food trucks. It was quite difficult to get a seat there because of the crowd, but ofcourse being an open air, food truck setup in a park, you’re free to literally lay a mat anywhere you like and be seated. Loved the general market feel and vibes!

Brownie Points:
Outdoor Seating
Food Truck Concept

Bite Board:

1. Chicken Wings with Buffalo sauce and Fries [AED 50]: For the price, the dish was OK. The wings were about 6 pieces with hot tangy buffalo sauce. They were crispy and had good flavour. Overall, nothing particularly stood out, however they weren’t bad either.

2. Chicken Wings with Honey Garlic sauce [AED 40]: So the reason this was cheaper than the one with Buffalo sauce was because the fries were AED 10 extra. We found the honey garlic sauce too strong, it had a thick garlic taste which was tolerable initially but later got a bit too much to take in one bite.

Definitely the winner between the two would be the one with Buffalo sauce. For the price however, it may not really be my first preference given other options at the Market.
However special mention for the very handy plastic gloves they gave out, which we could use to eat the wings without making a mess.

We found the staff at the kiosk rather aloof and not very pleasant.

Cash Flow:
AED 40 for 6 pieces of Chicken Wings sounds okay, but compromising on taste? Not so great.


For more details about the menu visit Zomato.

Circling Back:

To try out their other flavoured chicken wings, MAYBE.

Have any of you been to Wingsters ? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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