A high end cafe that replicates the victorian era lifestyle.

We have been wanting to visit this place for quite a while and got the right opportunity when they promoted their Sunday Special offer on Facebook.

Ratings: 6 Golden Nuggets

The interiors was beautifully done such that they take you back in time. We loved the creative seating arrangements that included mismatched colored chairs and lounges that fit in well. There was no music playing and hence didn’t give the complete feel. The outlet located at Burjuman is an open space which would have been much better if it was a closed spot.

Golden Treasure: Wan Zi Qiuan Hong

Brownie Points:

Bite Board:

1. Melissa:The dome was made of chocolate fudge and had a shiny ganache layer that fell over it on the top, covering the entire dome. It had a lining of nuts at the bottom. Overall, the dessert was great. The nuts cut that monotonous chocolate which made it taste really good. The only disappointment was the macaroon being not crunchy enough and too small in size for our liking.


2. Chocolate Tart: A crunchy biscuit base holding the ganache with dark chocolate layer on top. This was good but nothing new. The biscuit base was baked perfectly having the right crunch to it.


3. Wan Zi Qiuan Hong: A warm pot of green tea with a hibiscus flower that bloomed when kept under a low flame of a tealight candle. There were lavender petals as well which complemented the green tea and the flower’s essence. Overall, this was the best green tea we have come across that incorporated the flower flavor so well that you wouldn’t know you are sipping a cup of green tea.


4. Fondant Au Chocolat: A similar concept to the molten lava cake as we all know about. The cake on its own tasted charred but with the ice cream it was slightly better.


The pastry portions were too small as they were over in a few bites. In terms of quantity one pastry will just suffice one person.

A shout out the to the servers who did a commendable job even though we took ages to order. They did have some miscommunication though as orders were being served to the wrong tables.

Cash Flow:
For the quantity and quality of the desserts, it’s definitely overpriced. If you’re on a budget, this place would probably not be your best choice! We however didn’t get the chance to try out their main course this visit.

+971-4 320 3386


For more details about the menu visit Shakespeare and Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .


Circling Back:
We will be heading back to the place but most likely at a different branch to try out the other delicacies.

Have any of you been to Shakespeare and Co.? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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