A little haven that serves some of the best sizzlers in town. Located in the city of Mangalore, Karnataka, India

The best sizzlers in Mangalore are served here. Ask anyone! And that’s exactly why we had to try out this place. It’s a little difficult to find its exact location as it’s positioned alongside an inner road that leads to the main road but this helps in muting the noises of the city. Parking is an issue for those with a car but on the other hand it’s easily reachable by walk from the nearest bus stop.


Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Overall the ambience of this place is excellent. It has a warm and cozy atmosphere mainly because of the dim lighting and soft music. It’s a perfect place for date night or even lunch/dinner with the family. They have an outdoor seating area as well which is quite pleasant when the weather is good.


Brownie Points:
Kid Friendly
Outdoor seating

Bite Board:

1. Mixed Meat Grill Sizzler [INR 330]: This sizzler is the meaty-ist of them all. It includes pieces of chicken, sausages, lamb pieces, fries and boiled to semi charred veggies topped with a bull’s eye egg and sauce all over. Absolute yum! Dont forget to switch the veggies for mash potatoes (calories? What are those, right?) Not recommended for people with small appetites because the portion sizes are huge.


2. Kentucky Chicken Sizzler [INR 300]: This one was quite a letdown. Although the flavors were all there (quite succulent in fact) but after a while it just gets too dry. It includes the chicken breast cooked in a fried kentucky style that is served with boiled to semi charred veggies and fries. The dish is served with their standard garlic sauce all over which doesn’t suffice till the last morsel. But you can ask them for extra sauce (free of cost).


3. Ranch Special Sizzler [INR 300]: This sizzler was immediately an absolute favourite. You ask why? Cheese, of course! This dish comes with a fried ball of chicken stuffed with cheese and chicken sausages. It is also served with fries and boiled to semi charred veggies (which can be replaced with mash potatoes). Once you get through the fried chicken, it’s a delight to watch the cheese ooze out. The only downside to this dish was that the fried chicken felt a little overcooked thus making it quite a task to cut through or rather even eat.

The staff was quite friendly and explained the menu items quite well. They didn’t hesitate when we asked them to customize our dishes and our food was served just the way we wanted.

Cash Outflow:
Value for money here is an understatement! All the dishes are affordable and economically reasonable for the quantity served. Don’t worry! This place won’t leave any holes in your pocket.

12 Noon to 3 PM, 6:45 PM to 10 PM

Nehru Avenue Road, Behind City Corporation,
Lalbagh, Mangalore
Karnataka, India

+91-824 245 9008
+91- 9449 817 069

(Do book a table as this place gets really crowded during the weekends)

Circling Back:
Yes, definitely. We haven’t even covered a quarter of the dishes they have to offer. This place surely deserves another visit.

Have any of you been to Sizzler Ranch? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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