An American themed diner located in the food court of Dubai Mall.

We went to this place after hearing from a lot of people about how great the burgers being served here were.

Ratings: 6 Golden Nuggets

Like any other outlet located in a food court this place was crowded and noisy as well. It is a convenient pitstop for lunch/dinner when you spend the entire day shopping at the mall. The decor included a food truck replica on the streets.

Brownie Points:
Home Delivery

Bite Board:

1. Chipotle Ranch Chicken Sandwich [AED 23]: A burger with grilled farm raised chicken breast with homemade smoking chipotle ranch sauce, black pepper cheese, grilled onions, fresh lettuce and fresh sliced tomato. The chicken breast was salty, the flavour of chipotle ranch wasn’t found until the last bite. While, the add ons were fresh it didn’t make up for the main portion of the burger. This was made a meal by paying extra AED 9 and AED 1 for the cheese fries. The cheese fries did not have enough cheese, it felt like it was just sprinkled over the top. Just the top layer being slightly covered in cheese.



2. Swiss Pepper Chicken [AED 25]: A new addition to the menu which is a grilled chicken breast with black pepper bacon, swiss cheese, mild garlic aioli, fresh lettuce leaf, and tomato on a brioche bun. In this case, the burger was not salty but the bacon was overcooked making it a hard task to eat the burger. The pepper seasoning was near to nothing, while we were expecting to relish a spicy lip smacking burger.


The burgers on their own are not filling unless you have a meal.

The staff was cordial and efficient.

Cash Flow:
Certainly overpriced. An average of AED60 for two people for burgers that are nothing extraordinary. Clearly, not worth it.


For more details about the menu, visit Zomato.

Circling Back:
Perhaps, to try out other things like that Hershey’s shake.

Have any of you been to Johnny Rockets? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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