Your one stop shop for crisp and crunchy waffles, stuffed or topped, with all sorts of goodies!

Waffle Factory opened up with the opening of several stores in the new and swanky part of Burjuman. One look at it was enough to draw us in! So several visits and as many waffles later, here’s finally a review of this Treasure chest! 

Ratings: 9 Golden Nuggets

The outlet is a little small space tucked beside the busy Carrefour on the Ground Level of Burjuman. Themed with red, black and white it looks absolutely fab! The seating has its own style and they’ve accommodated sufficient seats in their limited space.

Brownie Points:
Kid friendly

Golden Treasure: Waffles with Dark Belgian Chocolate

Bite Board:

Waffles with Dark Belgian Chocolate and Nutella [AED 27]: GORGEOUS. That’s what these waffles are! Absolutely divine! If you’re a fan of dark chocolate then you will love this. So the one we ordered was served up as one hot crisp Brussels waffle, layered generously with dark belgian chocolate and then layered with Nutella, sprinkled with fine powdered sugar. We went for two layers on top because we didn’t want the topping to be entirely bitter dark chocolate. Also highly recommended is the strawberries/banana topping.


So basically the way how they work is, when you have to place your order, you have to select which type of waffle you want, from two given options. Then, you have to select the toppings. You pay as per the number of toppings you choose. They also have a deal where you get a hot/cold drink with the waffle.

Very good staff and really wonderful service.

Cash Flow:
Each topping starts at AED 7 which may seem a bit over priced. Overall, it maybe borderline pricey but that again depends on the number of toppings you select. For a classic waffle with one topping, it’s all good!


For more details about the menu visit Zomato.

Circling Back:

Ofcourse! This is already our all time favourite. Next time you go for a quick shopping trip at Carrefour next door, just place a quick order and it’ll be hot and ready for takeaway by the time you’re done.

Have any of you been to Waffle Factory ? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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