A perfect go to destination for all the chocoholics in town.

Cocoville has been on our go-to list ever since we heard of their legendary signature Cocopod and their to-die-for Hot Chocolate. The perfect heaven for chocolate lovers, be it dark, milk, with nuts, caramel, marshmallows, you pick it and you’ve got it here! The details in their setup is just phenomenal! Would you believe they’ve actually got chocolate dripping off their roof? Well YES, they actually do! Our first step into their outlet and we were already floored by the intricate details with the decor and splendid layout in their outdoor seating, we were even more in awe after seeing the interiors which seemed to be picked right out of a chocolate factory, YUM.

Ratings: 10 Golden Nuggets

We really can’t stop gushing over the interiors and the overall ambience, really! If you’ve ever wondered how it felt to be Hansel and Gretal, try going in here! True to every bit of its name, Cocoville is a vortex of everything chocolate. They have a beautiful, elegantly styled seating outside around the outlet with pretty fairy lights hanging above your head as you dine. They also have a backyard area to host small gatherings. The interiors of the outlet, again, in classic white and pale green, display a wide array of all their take away products like chocolate slabs of various kinds, chocolate hazelnut spread etc etc. All of this freshly prepared in their kitchen right there. The interiors are just so gorgeous, they really are a treat on their own.

Brownie Points:
Chocolate Lovers
Kid Friendly
Outdoor Seating

Golden Treasure: Signature Cocopod and the Flower Bomb

Bite Board:

Hot Chocolate [Size small for AED 12]
AMAZING. This is one of THE chocolatiest Hot Chocolates we’ve had. Omg, absolute delight. The tiny tiny cup they serve it in is also just so adorable. Garnished with little fluffy marshmallows, this drink is thick, creamy and pure chocolate divine. Definitely one of the best Hot Chocolates in Dubai.


Flower Bomb [AED 45]
This gorgeous gift from Cocoville is what we chocolate lovers dream of. 100 points for conceptual thinking and creativity guys! Absolute favourite, this dish was definitely the “Treasure” from this visit. Adorned with a large white and gold flower on top, comes a cup in which, settled at the bottom are tiny little balls of chocolate and caramel and chocolate hazelnut. These crispy balls are like drops of pearls which will soon be at the bottom of a sea of dark chocolate, having which, you reach a new alternate universe of AWESOME.. Gosh, clearly we’re in love with this place.
So the wonderful wonderful waitress (that’s wonderful twice because the servers there were just so patient and courteous, we felt so comfortable, which added to our fantastic experience) comes and pours hot chocolate that’s literally quite hot, over the white flower that’s kept oh-so-delicately over the rim of the cup, and this causes the flower to eventually melt into the cup and dissolve within. Watching this itself is a gift to any chocolate loving soul!

Signature Cocopod [AED 100]
THIS. This is what brought us here and this is what will bring us back! At a whooping 100 AED this signature dish serves to please! Definitely too much in quantity for one, two or even three people; this dish serves a minimum of 4 to 5 people, thus validating the price it comes for. So what makes this dish so great? Here’s why: So our lovely server comes with a hollow pod shaped object on a plate, which on closer inspection, is actually made out of chocolate. Inside this pod like structure is a bundle of wonders, really. Don’t bother looking in, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and dig that spoon right in, scoop it up into your mouth and you’ll know what we’re talking about!  This delectable pod of miracle is a fluid dance of chocolate (why, ofcourse) hazelnuts (whole), brownies, caramel, marshmallows, some ice cream.. This one is FOR THE WIN!

Brownie Milkshake [AED 35]
Ofcourse, in all this euphoria of chocolate and each dish out smarting the next, there had to be something that brought us back to reality. The chilled milkshake was a chocolate base with small lumps of chocolate brownie suspended in it and drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce. After all the little wonders were tasted, this one seemed ordinary, yet did not lack in taste. However we probably would try a new shake next time here.


The service was absolutely fabulous and they did a great job. It is quite surprising that some reviews on Zomato mention that the service was lacking. The server we got was so patient, he even explained what each dish constituted of and also showed us pictures on his Ipad of what the dish looked like. Such a lovely team of servers. We were floored by the courtesy.

Cash Flow :

Worth IT! For the quality of chocolate, the amazingly unique dishes, excellent service and fantastic ambience, this is a MUST see. Also, it’s guaranteed that a one time visit will lead to a series of more! With so many new and unique dishes on their menu, we’re certainly going back.

For more details about the menu visit Zomato.

Circling Back:

You probably already know the answer to this! Just TAKE MY MONEY!

Have any of you been to Cocoville? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough? 

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