The branch of the best milkshake cafe in town located at Satwa, Dubai.

We heard about Shakeism’s newest outlet being opened just near our work place and we just couldn’t resist ourselves from going and trying out those tempting shakes!

Ratings: 8 Golden Nuggets

Just like the outlet in Barsha this one is much more spacious with a villainous themed interior. A great place to hangout with friends while enjoying the cafe vibe and it’s yummilicous milkshakes. The themed interiors along with the shake’s names tries to bring out a rebellious streak which gives character and a certain level of uniqueness to the chain of stores. The music could be a hit or a miss depending on the day you choose to visit. Overall, its a pretty chill hangout spot.




Brownie Points:

Home Delivery

Golden Treasure: Thug Life, Public Enemy

Bite Board:

1. Thug Life [AED 27]: A killer shake with chocolate goodies like coco pops, brownies, flakes and chocolate chips. A must have for all the chocoholics in town. If whipped cream on your shakes is your kind of shake it is available for an additional AED 2.

2. Notorious VIP [AED 27]: Another milkshake that would be welcomed by the peanut butter junkies. This one is a combination of Snickers, Reese’s and peanut butter where one gulp isn’t enough. This was loved by my friends who like peanut butter. The shake had just the right balance of texture where it was not too thick nor too runny.


3. Full Metal Jacket [AED 27]: A smart combination of Kinder Bueno, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. All the elements of the shake were evident and felt celestial by our friends who are fond of chocolates. This would be another shake that would tempt the chocoholics.

4. Public Enemy [AED 27]: This shake included an espresso shot, dark chocolate and hazelnut. The espresso being the most palpable as it had a strong zest to it which mostly overpowered the shake making it taste bittersweet. The hazelnut was lost somewhere and we were not able to detect its flavor. The dark chocolate did take it’s time to come up while gulping down the splendid shake. This a must try for all those coffee addicts out there, fans of espresso and even for those who haven’t tried an espresso yet this is a great way to have your first espresso shot in a milkshake what more could you ask for??


5. Inacio sandwich [AED 18]: A brilliant grilled toast with peri peri chicken, swiss and cheddar cheese. The sandwich tasted okay. We would have preferred a sweet and spicy sauce instead of the peri peri sauce used. The bread was grilled and crunchy to taste paired with a well cooked and succulent chicken.

The shakes are oh so good and filling with just the right texture overall.

We had a nice chat with the owner Mr. Petafi who told us about the introduction of new food items being the waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches that complement these lovely shakes. Soon there will be even more options offered which are in store for all us in the future. So, all you Shakeists out there keep a close eye for the unveiling of these new items.

The service offered was impeccable as always.

Cash Outflow:
All the hit list shakes are the same rate so go ahead and choose your poison. Splurging once in a while never hurt anyone. Definitely worth every dirham spent on these delicious goodies.

11 AM – 1 AM


+971-4 448 9530

For more details about the menu visit Shakeism Milkshakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We are absolutely heading back soon to try out Con Air and the other new upcoming delicacies.

Have any of you been to Shakeism? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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