A must try for all the foodaholics in town.

Journey: We have been planning to visit this place forever and finally got the chance this time round for a celebration.

Ratings: 10 Golden Nuggets

Ambiance: The interiors of Carnival is absolutely beautiful. They have lovely paper boats in one corner to colourful glass bottles and paper mache in such a whirl of colours! We loved how so much attention has been given to the tiniest of detail with their interiors. The seating area is predominantly black and lots of copper tones. A special mention: the toilets! Yes, that’s right, the toilets looked amazing, just completely unexpected yet so cheery, so don’t forget to check that out.

Golden Treasure: Hard to pick just one but being a total sucker for desserts, the Gajak wins this one. The lovely Gajak grabs the top spot for the best dish of the tasting, we’ve got more on how that went in the description below.

Brownie Points:


Valet Parking

Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

Complimentary: Beetroot Paani Puri with Pomegranate juice and a stuffed chutney grill pav.
This dish rates 10 in terms of presentation. The Paani Puri was served atop a little counter and below it was the test tube filled with the juice. Alongside this counter, a small porcelain hand held the stuffed pav.

Taste: The Paani Puri was crisp and crunchy. Surprisingly the juice went along so well with the Puri. The chutney pav was good and well grilled. Definitely a highlight and we absolutely loved the combinations.

Small Plates

1. Life is short eat dessert first
This was the first entree. True to its name it contained jelebi, chaat, yoghurt mousse and potato chickpeas. We were initially quite sceptical having something sweet right in the beginning but the yoghurt mousse and chickpeas kind of balanced out the slight sweetness of the jelebi. Rating: 7/10

2. Game of Corns
The Game of Corns dish is a toasted stuffed cutlet of corn curd and fenugreek, goji berry chutney and kewpie mayo. The outer layer was beautifully crisp and had that crunch to it. The stuffing inside was subtle in taste yet made that right impact. Rating: 9/10

3. Pullinji
South Indian style ginger prawns in palm sugar caramel, curry leaf crisp. This was hands down the best of all the entrees! Amazing presentation, phenomenal taste and texture. The prawn seemed to have a thin batter layer covered with a deep fried caramelised layer with that sweet and spicy flavour that was to die for! Rating: 10/10

4. Bombay Bhurjee
The bhurjee was great! In terms of presentation it was piled onto the back of a porcelain swan! The meat was bursting with strong flavours and had that hot spicy taste. Absolutely loved this power packed mince. Accompanied with a wonderfully warm and buttery pav. Rating: 8/10

Big Plates

1. Rasgulla curry
Another sweet? And paired with curry? That’s probably what you’re thinking, but this dish was absolutely gorgeous. The gravy had a strong spicy flavour with a hint of tangy taste to it. The tangy taste was contributed by the chopped tomato. The rasgulla balls were made of cottage cheese and floated in the sea of tomato gravy. Rating: 9/10

2. Pind da Khana
Sarson ka sag – what a BEAUTY! The taste was phenomenal. The dish that will bring us back for another round has got to be this one, for most of us. The taste is strong in this one and is served with a plate of other delicacies such as pickles, makke ki roti and gud ki chutney. Don’t miss the glass of lassi along with it! Rating: 9/10

3. Mystery Meat
This one, contains lamb and chicken, mixed together in a whole dance of flavours! For most of us this one was a true winner! The meat was soft and succulent and had a brilliant taste to it. Again, a completely new method of combining two kinds of meat but it turned out to be quite good indeed. Rating: 9/10

4. Carta Fata
This dish is basically a fish curry cooked in South Indian Malabar style. The taste of the curry was absolutely fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the spicy, salty and a dash of sour taste. The fish was cooked to perfection and the meat was fresh and held onto the flavours. This one was a star dish! Served along with this was a lovely bowl of beautifully bright lemon rice though. We did feel the curry would have been better with white rice. Rating: 9/10


1. Indian Donut
Shahi tukda donut, with saffron foam and elaichi with milk. This dish as dessert was rather heavy after a very heavy main course, so we would have preferred something a little lighter. The shahi tukda was very hard and we found it a bit difficult to cut through. The taste was quite average. Rating: 6/10

2. Milk and Cookies
Oh how misleading can a title get? While we pictured a glass of milk and chocolate cookies, we were served a slab of mawa cake and a scoop of cinnamon ice cream with little heart cookies! We enjoyed the taste of cinnamon ice cream after our meal to settle it all down. Overall, a neat good dish. Rating: 8/10

Being a birthday celebration we ordered for their famous dessert, the one they’re known for all over Dubai for, THE GAJAK!

Oh my Lord. The Gajak. Priced at AED 150 this piece of art in all literal sense, was painted before our eyes and brought to life at our table. This dessert dish is creativity at it’s best. So how they go about is, a lovely staff server Prathiba had come to assist us. She explained the background of the dessert and explained throughout every stage as she prepared it at our table.
A large plastic sheet was stretched out open on our table and Prathiba painted her picture in full detail. Strokes of chocolate, drops of caramel, nuts, macaroons, chocolate balls, white chocolate drops, more nuts, chocolate fudge and a whole lot more adorned the face of the plastic sheet in intricate patterns. A top all this was dropped, from a slight height a white chocolate ball which we were told contained chocolate balls, brownies, nuts and bits and pieces of other goodies! With a crack the ball spills out all the lovely stuffing and she covered it all with a blanket of chocolate fudge! Oh what a beauty indeed. This dish was worth every bit spent on it.
With such gorgeous details for preparation and presentation, you can only imagine what something like this would taste like. I don’t think any words can give justice to how phenomenally amazing this dessert turned out to be.

From making the reservations to literally stepping out of their absolutely beautiful restaurant, we were treated with the best service. The lady at the desk, Shagun, thank you for your prompt service and attention to our requests! Also our server, Nitesh was so wonderfully patient with our needs and order. The entire staff we observed to be well trained and polite. We haven’t seen a better team! Service here gets a full 11/10!

Special mention: Chef Vinu, thank you sir! Your skills keep us speechless (Mostly because our mouths are probably stuffed with your wonderful food, Haha!).

Cash outflow: At 89AED THIS IS A STEAL!

+971-4 457 3732


For more details about the place visit Zomato

Circling Back:

Going back for more, surely! We’re keeping our eyes open for the new upcoming Season 3!

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