A hidden gem located at Al Majaz, Sharjah that offers the existing food in a new manner which is not just appetizing but addicting as well.

We had heard a lot about a new place being opened in Sharjah that catered to the ongoing trends namely the freak shakes and so we just had to try it out as its the only legit place in Sharjah where the shakes are available. The parking poses quite an issue as the area is busy 24/7 but that didnt stop us from wanting to come back for more every single time.

Ratings: 7.5 Golden Nuggets

It has a pub feel to it with good retro music, high bar stools and its quirky interiors.  The graffiti and guitars on the walls are definitely worth checking out.




Brownie Points:
Kid friendly

Golden Treasure: Batata w Shawarma

Bite Board:

1. Batata w Shawarma [AED 25]: SIMPLY DILESHH! It’s was an absolute treat for our bellies. The jalapenos toppings were fresh and juicy. Fries were crispy as ever and the cheese blend was just right. Surprisingly this being our first taste test for SOL, we vouch it to be our GOLDEN TREASURE! The serving size is quite good which makes it a great dish to be shared amongst two hungry tummies.


During our revisit we tried the dish without the meat. The fries were too good that we weren’t able to resist ourselves from having another round of serving – ABSOLUTELY YUMMY IN THE TUMMY! The cheddar cheese gave the right amount of cheesy feel to the fries which were crispy and cooked to perfection. The jalapeño added to the flavour complementing the cheese and the tangy Sol sauce and went well with the medium spicy jalapeños. Within minutes we were done and looking at the menu again.


2. Meat Shawarma [AED 12]: Following after the above, this dish fell flat. The first few bites were dry and chewy and then it was just grease all over. It left a bad after taste in our mouths. Too pricey in comparison with regular shawarmas. This dish can be easily hogged by one hungry individual.


3. Snickers n M&Ms [AED 36]: MONSTERLICIOUS! Must try for all Peanut Butter fans. Since we aren’t one of them we felt that the peanut butter flavor dominated the shake. The mini treats on the top included macaroons, pieces of snicker’s bar, M&Ms, wafer rolls and lots of whipped cream topped with caramel sauce. The shake requires two tummies to complete the whole thing.


4. Chicken Shawarma [AED 12]: This shawarma too did not quite meet the mark because there was no sauce just dry meat and bread. The whole thing felt way too dry and chewy. We didn’t get any taste of garlic mayo and the pickles were as good as missing.


5. Kofta Slider [AED 28]: The slider includes a soft potato bun incorporating SOL sauce, mouthwatering kofta patty, grilled tomato and onion, and biwaz salad. You get two of these supreme delicacies that can be wiped out by one person.


6. Fajita Roll [AED 26]: This was a nice twist to the shawarma in a different form. It’s a soft potato bun stuffed with chicken shawarma, onion, green and red capsicum, garlic cream and avocado tartar. The bun is to die for being really soft and just melts into your mouth with every morsel.


7. Lotus [AED 35]: Lotus fans look no further and make your way to Sol to try the best lotus shake ever. The shake is topped with vanilla frosting, lotus crumbles, mars chocolate, lotus biscuit and lotus caramelized sauce. The lotus flavor is pretty evident and not overpowering but it might be a bit too sweet for some but just perfect for those with the sweet tooth.


8. Oreo [AED 33]: This shake is for all those chocoholics in town. The presentation score is 10/10, way too mesmerizing to gulp it down. As with the other shakes this one is no exception with the portion size being too huge for one person to finish it. The shake is topped with vanilla frosting rim with oreo crumble and loads of whipped cream, oreo biscuits, hershey’s white chocolate and chocolate sauce. It was perfect in terms of taste neither being too thick nor too diluted.

9. Cheesy Chicken Slider [AED 34]: Another burger with soft potato bun, grilled chicken breast cooked to perfection with melted cheddar cheese and SOL sauce, tomato and crunchy green lettuce.


Most of their food revolves around the chicken shawarma presented in various forms. Be it fries, rolls or sliders.

A shout out to the servers who gave great service to us by being attentive and friendly for every visit we made. Currently the menu is mostly meant for the non-vegetarians out there and with limited items on the menu.

Cash Outflow:
Certain items were overpriced but overall the pricing is quite reasonable if the bill is being split. It’s worth a visit if you need the change in your schedule and food preferences.

1 AM – 1 PM


+971-6 556 6686

For more details about the menu visit SOL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We will definitely be going back to enjoy the delicious dishes as we loved the place.

Have any of you been to SOL? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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