Your first stop for amazing Clay Pot Chocolate Cakes!

Journey: After seeing numerous posts of cakes in clay pots, prepared like mock plants on our newsfeed, we were super excited to test these out for ourselves!

Ratings: 10 Golden Nuggets

Ambiance: Spoon and Glaze is currently setup as a little kiosk in Dubai Mall with a medium range seating. The first and only outlet in the UAE, they’re slowly capturing all of our attention with their heart warming Go-Green concept and earthy tones. They also have an overall Arabic theme running through their concept. So there’s definitely a strong personality to this little kiosk. Their theme is overall very earthy and pro environment, which is so refreshing in our current food scenario. They provide various options of Mud cakes and Sand cakes, and all of them come in actual small-sized clay plant pots, along with a wooden spoon!

Brownie Points:

Concept Dining
Wi-Fi Available
Delivery and Catering
Kid friendly

Bite Board:

1. Chocolate Mud Cake [AED 42]: Absolutely DIVINE. We were served a multi layered chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate fudge in between, presented in a clay plant pot. The chocolate cake was delicious and it left us wanting more! The serving is perfect for two people and definitely worth every penny spent.

2. Lattè [AED 22]: We then ordered for two lattes, and surprisingly, found it refreshingly different from most lattes at popular coffee houses. Probably it was the Arabic coffee blend which made it more creamy and milky, rather than a strong and dark coffee blend. Again, the coffee was also served in clay mugs, which had Arabic writing on the face of the mugs.

Also, at the end of our dining experience there, our server gave us a clay pot, a bag of actual soil and few seeds of a flowering plant and said that for every pot of cake purchased, you get a take away pot with seeds of a flowering plant. We were completely floored by their initiative! It’s so creative and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Our server was so kind and courteous. We absolutely loved our experience there.

Cash Outflow:
For the entire experience, definitely worth the money and surely deserves another visit.


8 AM to 12 AM

For more details about the menu visit Spoon & Glaze Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

+971-50 168 0966

Circling Back:
Of course! Our next celebration involving cakes is definitely going to be one big pot of chocolate cake!

Have any of you been to Spoon and Glaze? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough? ✅

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