A diner that teleports you to Azerbaijan with its authentic Azeri cuisine!

Journey: We had bagged the treasure hunt event at Boxpark and earned some vouchers to spend at the place. One of which was Jag Azerbaijan. So we finally made our way to try out this place with Turkish cuisine.

Ratings: 6.5 Golden Nuggets

Ambiance: It is a cosy place with soft lighting and has Azeri music playing in the background while showing snippets of the countryside. The decor has incorporated the whole Azeri concept with the flag at the entrance and pictures around the whole restaurant. They have both indoor and outdoor seating which could be selected depending on the weather. Since it was quite hot we decided to get a table inside the place. The temperature was pretty warm inside as well.

Brownie Points:

Valet Parking
Kid Friendly

Golden Treasure: Gaymagli Arishta

Bite Board:

1. Bread: This was brought to our table once we placed our order. It was a complementary freshly baked, warm; had the right texture and was seasoned with black and sesame seeds. The dips that came along with it were a yoghurt based blend with herbs and a tomato base which we liked a lot!

2. Lamb Lula Kebab [AED 75]: For the appetizers we ordered these kebabs as recommended by the server since Jag Kebab wasn’t available which is known to be the best seller of the restaurant. The kebabs tasted okay nothing that said YUM on the first bite or that feeling of flavor explosion. Four kebabs were served along with a tangy red dip that complemented the kebabs. We found the quantity to be quite less for the price charged.

3. Gaymagli Arishta [AED 59]: Moving on the main course we selected a pasta. It was a fettuccine pasta with arishta cream, cheese, chicken fillet, mushrooms and onion. This was the highlight of our evening. It was perfectly cooked with the cheese being very evident. As it does not happen with most of the fettuccine dishes we have tried so far. The quality of the food is top notch as they import their meat and other products from Azerbaijan. The chicken was succulent and mushrooms prepared well. The serving is good enough for two.

3. Compote [AED 45]: Next we chose our drink which was available in many flavors such as fejoui, cherry plum, blackberry and so on. Our choice was the cherry plum which was presented in a sleek glass bottle and tasted nice. The only thing is at the end of the beverage the actual fruit might give a stronger flavor. The serving is good enough for a group of four as it is a 1 litre serving.

4. Bakhlava with ice-cream [AED 39]: Desserts! Our favorite part of the meal. We got the Bakhlava which was stuffed with a pistachio filling with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream garnished with a strawberry as well as chocolate sauce. This was a task to eat but still worth the effort. The base and the filling complemented each other. Overall a nice dessert for those who prefer Arabic sweets which is not over the top sweet. The serving size is perfect for two individuals.

Exemplary service from the staff and very amiable too. The servers are well versed with the dishes being offered.

Cash Outflow:
Considering the area and the quality of service and food the pricing slightly scales on the high end for the quantity being served.


10 AM – 12 AM

For more details about the food visit Jag Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
Will come back sometime later to try out the Jag Kebab and other items!

Have any of you visited Jag? How was your experience?

Is the place Scrumptious enough?

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