A kiosk with brilliant Lebanese Ka’aks.

Journey: We have been planning to visit Nadi Nights at Alserkal Avenue for quite some time now and finally went for it yesterday to enjoy the board games and check out the food stalls setup for the event. After completing our intense board-game, Catan, we decided to try out the Ka’aks as they looked like a unique concept and something we had not tried so far.

Ratings: 8 Golden Nuggets

Ambiance: The kiosk being at Nadi Nights had a beautiful atmosphere with soft lighting of lanterns, park benches to enjoy the board games, swings, bean bags, hammock and a swinging bed to relax or take a mini nap away from the hustle and bustle of our regular routines!

Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly

Golden Treasure: Mini Ka’aks

Bite Board:

1. Mini Ka’aks [AED 35]: This was a miniature version of the regular Ka’aks with a choice of three of them. So we selected the beef shawarma, chicken fajita and the turkey and cheese.

Fun Fact: Ka’aks is a traditional Lebanese bread from Beirut that can be enjoyed with a filling of sweet or savory spread of your choice. It is a ring shaped sesame bread that is freshly baked in store everyday. Also the ka’ak is dairy free, trans-fat free, doesn’t include oil, butter or any other artificial flavors. They make use of natural ingredients which is 100% suitable for all the vegetarians as well.
Beef Shawarma was stuffed along with tahina sauce, slice of onion and tomato, plus parsley and pickles. This is a must try for all the meat lovers as one mini won’t stop you and you will keep craving it wolf down more of these goodies.

Chicken Fajita has a filling of cocktail sauce, onions, bell peppers and melted cheddar. This will be devoured by all the cheese lovers. Since, we had a cheese lover along with us who kept raving about it.

The Turkey & Cheese Ka’ak tasted perfect. The bread was well toasted and crispy with sesame seeds on the top. The classic turkey and cheese combination went along with the Lebanese bread perfectly, definitely will be one of our favourites from Ka’ak Al Manara.

2. Chicken Garlic [AED 35]: This was the regular Ka’ak with a stuffing of garlic paste, onion and pepper mix, lettuce and pickles. This sandwich fell flat against the mini chicken fajita as it was too large for our liking and garlic not being our most favorite ingredient.

3. Nutella [AED 30]: This was another regular serving of Ka’ak with Nutella because no meal is complete without a dessert so we had to try out something sweet as well. Again, this didn’t impress us much because the corners of Ka’ak was just bread as the Nutella was not evenly spread to cover all areas of the sandwich.

Overall, we loved the mini versions of Ka’ak as they were perfect creations and bursted with flavors but the regular servings were way too large. It felt like eating just a crust of a pizza.

The servers were friendly and treated us well as we took our own sweet time ordering.

Cash Outflow:
The pricing is reasonable keeping in mind the serving size and quality being offered.


Sunday to Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 12 AM
Thursday to Saturday: 8:30 AM – 1 AM

For more details regarding the menu visit Ka’ak Al Manara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
Will return to check out the other savory and sweet Ka’ak soon!

Have any of you visited Ka’ak Al Manara? How was your experience?

Is the place Scrumptious enough?

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