Are you tired of the everyday hustle and bustle? Mad traffic and annoying deadlines?

Too much work load, homework, office work or maybe just plain fed up with the daily struggle?

Ever thought of maybe taking a break? Maybe one that wouldn’t be too time consuming perhaps? Definitely not too expensive, not too far out from home, something that fits in just right?

Then here’s what you’ve got! Nadi Nights at Alserkal Avenue!

This exclusive event runs only for the Holy month of Ramadan and will end by the 24th of June.

Located at the art hub of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue, Nadi Nights serves to impress!

For those of you looking to rewind and relax without having to spend, (at all, infact) here’s your go to destination!

So Nadi Nights is basically an evening event located at one of the warehouses at Alserkal Avenue. They have plenty of space for extremely comfortable seating; namely hammocks (YES), bean bags (YAS) and even a whole swinging bed! (HELL YES)
You could just literally walk in, take a nap, grab some coffee (that you’ll have to pay for) and head out. To make our lives even more comfortable, they’ve even got a smaller corner on the side, away from the food stalls and the main seating area, where they have a bunch of pillows, blankets and rugs thrown across the floor for people to just really go all out and make themselves feel at home. With warm yellow lights, we’re talking tiny fairy lights and large over head yellow lampshades, this is the best you can get to really unwind.








The perfect place to sit by yourself with a cup of coffee and read a book or even with a whole bunch of friends to just simply catch up, this place is perfect!

From day one of the event, various food stalls have been set up, but it’s usually only two to three stalls at one time, which may usually be for about 2 weeks. So unfortunately we missed out on the first few stalls but we got to see the Ka’ak Al Manara and Encas Sweet Escapes stall, that’s running currently until the 24th of June.

We picked a Sunday to visit Nadi Nights because they had their Game Nights running then. Game Nights feature every Saturday and Sunday evening until the end of Ramadan. As we entered, on the side there was a small table set up on which were arranged a wide variety of board games! These games were brought to Nadi Nights by Back to Games, a very popular wholesome games store you may have heard of, located in Times Square Centre.

We picked the game, Catan and the next hour and a half went by in deep intense gaming, with no notice of time. After the gaming session we decided it was time to eat! So we tried the Ka’aks brought to us by the Lebanese Ka’ak Al Manara stall, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


So for those of you who definitely want to make a trip here before it ends – which we highly recommend you do – keep the following itinerary in mind:
Monday and Tuesday – will feature Rabab music with Inam from 8 pm to 10 pm.
Wednesday – you will get to see the galleries from 8 pm to 11 pm, tours starting from Nadi Al Quoz starting from 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

Saturday, the 24th of June will be their last evening for Board Games and for the entire Nadi Nights; So mark your calendars accordingly and don’t forget to reach out to us and let us know what you thought of Nadi Nights at Alserkal Avenue!

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