A good place to curb your seafood cravings

Journey: So we decided to try out an Iftar at a seafood place for a change and headed over to Urban Seafood to check out their Iftar platters priced at AED 149 for two.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Ambiance: Urban Seafood has three outlets around Dubai, we picked the one located at The Beach in JBR. The interiors of the restaurant were beautifully done. They have overhead lights in colourful glass bottles that hang from above. The entire decor aims to give a warm beach like vibe. We really liked the seating; to twist things up a bit they had quirky swings for seats, however they do have normal chairs as well, so you do have both options. The only downside to the ambience was probably that the seating felt a bit congested because the layout of the restaurant was in a tight ‘L’ kind of shape. Nevertheless, with small groups you probably won’t find this a problem.

Brownie Points:

Parking available
Kid friendly

Bite Board:

As we decided to try their Iftar Meal priced at AED 149 for 2 people, we dived straight into the fixed set menu. Our meal for two included:

1. Two Creamy Seafood Soups: The creamy soup was LOADED with seafood. So much seafood, we thought we were probably done with our entire meal! The soup arrived at the table with half a crab on top of the soup, whole with legs all in place! The consistency of the soup was thick and creamy, it had a strong taste and with each spoonful we would end up lifting up lots of seafood goodies like calamari rings or fish bits, sometimes even tiny whole shrimp! This would make a perfect meal for a day when you want to have soup as dinner so that its just filling and not too heavy. For the generous quantity and pricing, this soup gets a full 10/10!

2. One large 1 kg platter of seafood, which included crab, calamari, shrimp, cheese baked mussels, fish, corn on the cob, french fries and some rice with accompanying sauces:


After that delicious soup, then came the seafood platters. We were just left in awe with the generous quantity of food and the variety! SO many options to choose from! We had one entire platter for two people. Some notable bits from the very extensive platter would be the :

Crab: The crab was succulent, oozing with that yummy broth and juices. The meat was almost paste like as it was cooked so well! It was worth the effort of cracking the shell with all the tools and plastic gloves given to us. Truly a spectacular dish!

Shrimp: The shrimp were grilled with a good spicy seasoning. However compared to other places we’ve tried, this one was kind of a let down on the flavour, but not entirely as it was just that the seasoning was not as strong as we would have preferred. However the meat was cooked so well, it was incredible! The shell would just fall off the meat, and that’s when you know you have a well cooked meal in front of you.

Cheese Baked Mussels: This was a first for some of us! The cheese layered the top of the mussel shell and was baked over the meat. Once again the meat was soft and succulent.

Calamari rings: The calamari rings were crunchy and well seasoned. We absolutely loved the taste of it, and it went so well with the tartar sauce and also with the accompanying coleslaw dip.

We had just the best service at the restaurant. The staff and servers there were exceptionally good. We got our food on time, had all our requests met and they were very attentive to all our needs. A big shoutout to the team for their incredible hospitality.

Cash Outflow:
Certainly worth every penny!


For more details about the menu visit Urban Seafood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
For more seafood cravings, will definitely head back to Urban Seafood to try out their other goodies.

Have any of you been to Urban Seafood? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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