A lovely chocolate haven tucked into a corner of the food court of Ghurair Mall. Recommended place for all the chocoholics!

We headed to Ghurair to obtain our vouchers that we won courtesy eatwithmena and decided to look around the place to see if we could try new places and ofcourse keep our blogging journey going. While walking through the foodcourt we found this cafe to be tucked in a small corner of the area and had a representative who was handing out tasters for the belgian chocolate crepe and informing about the ongoing deals as well. They had us with their quirky interiors and the taster just sealed the deal for a definite visit and possible review.


Ratings: 7 Golden Nuggets

The cafe has a warm and cozy vibe going on, mostly contributed by the cheery staff. The interiors are quirky and well done with chocolate fountains placed on the counter, desserts on the walls such as the brownies, pieces of chocolate and a display of mugs on some others. The seating is apt for both solo visits and groups. They have comfy seating as well as dining tables for more than two people. The walls are done beautifully with the chocolate dripping concept that adds value to the whole atmosphere of the place. Points for the peppy music playing in the background. A little work is required regarding the hygiene level for the place.








Brownie Points:

Kid friendly

Bite Board:

We decided to try their deal priced at AED 39 which included a crepe plus any drink of your choice which should be within the range of AED 15 – 25. Given the immense variety, we took a while to decide what to order with some help from the server. We decided to pick the Monarch Crepe and White Chocolate Mocha Frappe.

1. Monarch Crepe: A lovely crepe that was built with four layers which had a fruit filling in it with the fruits being banana, kiwi, strawberry and pineapple. The crepe tasted good but we would have liked some more crunch to it as it would perfectly complement the fruits then. The one we had here was drizzled with three types of chocolate sauce from the top that is the dark, milk and white belgian chocolate sauces.


Coming to the fruits, the pineapple is a big NO with the crepe as it didn’t blend well with the chocolate however it did taste fine with a plain crepe. The rest of the fruits complemented the crepe very nicely and gave a filling experience. The best fruits would be the banana and strawberry taking the prize as they make very good dishes with chocolate being involved like and who doesn’t love their strawberries dipped in chocolate??


The chocolate drizzled on top was rich and top notch with all the three versions going hand in hand and making a very rich chocolatey experience which we definitely loved and will be liked by any other chocoholic as well.

2. White Chocolate Mocha Frappe: This drink would have been a very good partner with the crepe but sadly that did not happen.


The frappe comes in a mason jar with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. We did not like the sprinkles as their crunch came in the way of us enjoying our creamy rich and fresh whipped cream. With the first sip we got a whole lot of crushed ice which put us off the drink. After some tries when we did manage to sink into the frappe we just got a pure mocha taste and no sign of any white chocolate to be found. We tried all sorts of ways to consume it and see whether we could try and taste the white chocolate but dejectedly we could not come to like it. We felt that there was too much crushed ice and the mocha flavored ice did not go well with the whipped cream either.

The serving size was very generous and could easily be shared with two or more people.

We were given supreme service by the staff. The servers were attentive and provided us with their recommendations on what would be the best on menu as well. Our order was brought within no time and presented delightfully. A huge shout out to the staff for excellent service offered to us.

Cash Outflow:
Definitely worth spending with the generous quantity being offered and with these sweet deals you will not be able to find any faults either.


For more details about the menu visit The Choco Monarch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato.

Circling Back:
We will surely head back to try out the brownie crepe, the milkshakes and other food items as well as give the frappe another try.

Have any of you been to The Choco Monarch? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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