So this time the usually outdoor held event was brought indoors considering the heat during the day, to Hall 8, in the World Trade Centre. The location is easily accessible via any mode of transport, be it metro or car!

As we made our way into Hall 8, we were greeted by the volunteers from the TruckersDxb team. They gave us a briefing on the various options we have and the kind of entertainment that was lined up for the day. Some of the main take away points are:

1. Entry Fees of AED 10
2. All transactions with the food trucks will be via the Truckers debit card they provide at the entry desk. Also, how it works is that the amount that you’re willing to spend will be filled into the card and you can use the cards as a debit card and swipe for every purchase.
3. Charge for the Truckers card is AED 5.
4. All sorts of food trucks, entertainment like games, live music, also little stalls are setup selling handmade items and yummy goodies!

After purchasing and topping up our Truckers card, we headed to look around the entire area. Spread out all around the Hall 8, the event covers a large area. The Food Trucks line up all around the arena and the video games and other arcade games are bunched up in spots around and in the middle of the area.

We loved the overall vibe, they had the very amazing Part Time Sinners Dubai playing that evening’s fabulous live music. The whole vibe was supremely charged, with a happy and jovial vibe going on. With loud upbeat music in the background, dozens of fairy lights hanging from several food trucks, arcade noises and lighted hula hoop dancers doing their thing, this place truly serves to entertain!



The decor included old car seats, banisters, bean bags, quirky quotes, crate seats, park benches, a bus and loads more.

There are quite a lot of restaurants participating in this delightful food haven. To name a few , we have got Clinton Street Baking Co. , Frings, Cryspes, Swag, Mr. Brister, and lots more!


Truckers Dxb caters to pretty much everybody, and not just for foodies. It could be kids who are interested in carnival games, teens wanting to try out the arcade games, people looking out for drinks, other musicians and their performances, also artistic individuals could find some great pieces to add to your collection with the art and craft market.

For our beloved foodies the event features all types of cuisines you could get your hands on be it waffles, pizza, pasta, chicken, burgers, fries, lemonades, tacos, churros, ka’aks and more.

The places we tried were Clinton, Frings & Cryspes


We were intrigued by the combination of the fried chicken and waffle offered by the restaurant and could not resist the call of chicken and waffles! So we took the plunge and decide to give the dish a try.

We had a nice chat with Chef Anna about the place, it’s new outlet being opened at CityWalk, how we made our way to try out the food truck! She treated us with supreme hospitality and we were honored to be hosted by her.


For more details on our experience at Clinton check out the food review.


This food truck was another must try on the list because of the show stopper ‘Charcoal Lemonade’. They were offering a sample of their chicken tenders with the sauce as well as the divine lemonade.

The moment we had the lemonade we were sold for and ended up getting a meal of 6pcs chicken tenders with the California Sriracha and BBQ sauce along with a charcoal lemonade.

The deal is buy 2 meals and get a charcoal lemonade free. We definitely recommend to avail this deal as the food was worth a try as well.

For further details look at the food review.

Moving on to better and sweeter things to end our lovely visit at the Truckers…..


This is the first food truck you get on your way upon entering the place. It offers desserts in the form of a combination in between a waffle and donut. We had high expectations of this place because of the reviews we heard about it but sadly it did not meet our standards.

We ordered the Oreotella, Ferrero Rocher and a Nutella Milkshake.

The Oreotella tasted better in comparison to the rest of the items we tried but did not have that WOW factor we were looking for.

The Ferrero Rocher was a huge let down with the base not being perfectly made and the nutella topping was way too less for the amount of serving as it did not cover the complete dish and as chocoholics we love our chocolate to be overloaded if not evenly spread.

The nutella milkshake was again an average item even though they get points for the presentation for serving in a Nutella Jar.

For anyone who is planning on visiting the place, which is surely worth visiting, lookout for the following days that fit your schedule the best:

19, 22, 29 July; 5 August

This event will be available till 2 September, 2017.

Timings: 4pm – 11pm

Days: Wednesday – Saturday

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