A penne for your thoughts…
Ours is eat pasta and run fasta!

We had discovered this place during our hunt for a good pasta restaurant that was easily accessible near our workplace.

Ratings: 7 Golden Nuggets

It has a small and cosy atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating options. A live kitchen to see your pasta being made. The view is great at any of time the day as you can see the fancy vehicles passing through the Jumeirah streets while enjoying your food.

Brownie Points:

Home Delivery

Bite Board:

1. Chicken Pasta [AED 27/plate; AED 37/combo]: Being regulars at the place we have tried almost all the choices of pasta being available that include penne, fusilli, farfalle, shell, fettuccine, spaghetti, rotini and ravioli. We usually prefer penne or take a combination of penne and fusilli.

The process of having your pasta is similar to the concept of creating your own sandwiches. You decide on the pasta, the toppings and the sauce and TADA you get a customized dish to suit each of your taste buds.

Our go to option being a penne pasta with loads of mushroom and broccoli because why not…some peppers, olives, onions, which are fresh, giving justice to the dish; chili flakes, parmesan and oregano along with the pink sauce that is thick and flavorful with each morsel you have.


Along with the pasta you get a piece of garlic bread in form of a pizza slice that should be eaten first when its warm as later on it gets too hard and stretchy to even have a bite of it.

If you opt for the combo then you get a selection of a salad of your choice, a drink and the pasta as well as the garlic bread. The choices for salad include caesar salad, chicken caesar salad, greek salad, garden salad, pasta salad and shrimp salad.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Greek Salad

The serving size is very generous and can be easily shared amongst two people dying of hunger and will end up having a full happy belly! You can trust us as it’s tried and tested millions of times….

The staff are friendly and always have a smile on their face while attending the customers. They perform a great job of handling the deliveries and serving the customers in-house too.

Cash Outflow:
Definitely worth spending as it is a value for money in terms of quantity and quality.


For more details about the menu visit Broccoli Pizza & Pasta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We will definitely make a visit soon to try out their pizza’s and the new introduction of the breakfast menu as well.

Have any of you been to Broccoli? How was your experience?

Is the place scrumptious enough?

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