A cosy outlet serving healthy Lebanese cuisine.

We have been planning to try out the restaurant for quite some time and got the chance when we made a visit to Al Ghurair Centre yesterday.

Rating: 6.5 Golden Nuggets

Man’oushe Street is a small little cosy outlet located in Al Ghurair Centre, the outlet faces the road outside. They have great lighting with lovely large windows. The restaurant has a very aesthetic vibe, with lovely yellow lights, red lanterns in the corners, even the tables had lovely tiled designs. Lots of brownie points here for the decor. It is a perfect place to grab a quick bite or place an order from.






Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

1. Cheeki Chicken Wrap [AED 25]: A delicious wrap bundled with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles , melted cheese and garlic mayo. The veggies looked and tasted fresh. We could not taste the cheese but there was enough mayo so that the sandwich did not feel dry. Overall, the taste was great and the serving is enough to satisfy one person.


2. Cheese N’ Zaatar Manakeesh [AED 12]: We ordered a half and half dish as we had friends who don’t prefer zaatar. The pieces were not evenly cut and the cheese was not that amazing as we expected to be as we were expecting a piping hot melted cheese flavor that never came. The dish served was not that hot itself which could have been a factor as well.


3. Chocolate Haven [AED 9]: This was a huge disappointment to us because we had a completely different picture in our minds. The description is what roped us in to trying the dish out that said pure dark chocolate with layers of crushed biscuit. We got a two cake slices in a takeaway box that is found at the supermarkets. Nevertheless, taste wise the chocolate portion was well done.


We were hosted by a friendly server who was attentive to our needs. What we found lacking was the cutlery provided because in terms of presentation the dishes look good on the wooden board but if since we had to share the dishes things got messy and we thought providing plates would have been a much better way along with the way its currently presented.

Cash Outflow:
The prices seemed to be reasonable which will fit any budgeted meals or for a group of people as well.


Find more details about the menu on Man'oushe Street Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Circling Back:
We might try out a takeaway for the dishes next time since it’s the best for grab and go concept!

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