TGI Fridays

A place to head for good American food.


This was our first time visiting the Al Ghurair branch; we have tried other outlets before. It’s an easily accessible outlet as the metro station (Union) is a stone throw away!

Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets


TGIF has a casual chilled out atmosphere with dim lights, and comfy seating. It provides a vibrant look with the decor and the staff was extremely friendly and cheerful. For birthday celebrations, they surely do make it special by their unique way of celebration with song and dance! The branch is quite spacious so no worries for not getting a table or waiting in queues for your turn.

Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating


Kid Friendly


Bite Board:

1. Whole Lotta Chocolate [AED 45]: The magnificent beast of a milkshake arrived, towering tall with two accessories, one being a classic chocolate brownie and the other a lovely little chocolate donut. The glass itself was adorned with Hershey’s kisses and Maltesers. Not to forget the very generous serving of whipped cream to complete it which was oh so fresh and delightful!

Aah what a treat to the eyes. The serving is plentiful and very filling. We shared it amongst a group of six people and were still full. So you can imagine the richness of the shake now.

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Would you look at the size of this BEAUTY! 😍 ❗❗Alert! Alert!❗❗ There's a new #freak-shake in town, and it's claiming lots of hearts β™₯️ with its generous helping of #chocolate 🍫 🀀 This massive beast is *Whole Lotta Chocolate* 🍹[AED 45] comes with a chocolate #donut 🍩, chocolate #brownie, chocolate toppings, chocolate sauce, maltesers, Hersheys chocolate #kisses 😘, and a whole lot more chocolate in that dreamy #shake!! πŸ˜„πŸ’• Guys, one ☝️ thing for sure, this shake isn't just the looks 😍 but the taste πŸ‘…πŸ€€also does the talking, and we're loving this right now! So what are you waiting for!? Get freaky-shakey! πŸ˜†πŸ’ƒ

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2. Friday’s Platter [AED 69]: This allows you to get three appetizer dishes along with three sauces of your choice. A very good option when going in groups to try a variety of food.

We ordered the Mozzarella Sticks, Mac & Cheese, and Memphis BBQ Sliders and the dips were Marinara, Ranch and Cheese Sauce.


The BBQ sliders had braised beef, spicy horseradish and cheddar cheese sandwiched between waffle fries. The waffles were crisp and complemented the meat. However, we could not find any traces of the cheese visually or in taste. So it was a heavy dose of BBQ overall. A recommendation for all those fans of BBQ food out there.

Mac & Cheese were presented in the form of bites with bacon as a topping. This dish let us down because it did not meet our expectations and was an average tasting dish. We felt the pasta was overcooked and the cheese was not enough to bring out the flavors of the dish. The bacon on the other hand was done to perfection!

Mozzarella Sticks were crisp golden fingers loaded with cheese. These are to die for! Fabulous cheesy goodness bundled in a crispy outer coating.

Now on to the dips; we found them to be disappointing because they were not fresh and thus did not go well with the food either. The ranch sauce was scaling on the extreme sour side; while the cheese seemed to have been gone bad. The marinara sauce seemed to be the only option to go with.


We were offered a good service by the staff. They were patient enough for us to decide our orders.

Cash Outflow:

We decided on cashing out our Dining District vouchers thanks to Eatwithmena for tasting the new menu.

We found it value for money due to the vouchers we had but the shake is definitely worth spending. Otherwise, on a normal day the prices does tip on the expensive side of the scale.


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Circling Back:

We will be coming back to try out the other shakes and main courses next time!

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