Welcome to Mr. Miyagi’s! A world apart from whereever you just came from, no doubt!

Mr. Miyagi’s is the new hot and happening Asian food go-to joint in town. We loved the crazy photos on Instagram and all over local media, and decided we had to see this for ourselves. Mr. Miyagi’s caters to a perfect mix of Asian food, featuring a bit of Thai, Chinese, Japanese predominantly.

Ratings: 10 Golden Nuggets

Stepping into this beautiful restaurant is like entering a literal hole-in-the-wall that leads to the most gorgeous wonderland of sorts! The first thing you love about this place, when you enter is the fabulous use of colors! Oh my gosh, this place is popping with such vibrant colors it’s just so mesmerizing! In full wholesome instagram-able beauty, the decor really serves to please the eyes. To say it best, the decor of the restaurant is your cheapest alternative to a getaway to Thailand! You have the warm woody floors, pop of colors here and there, golden traditional Thai style Buddha statues on shelves, framed photographs of various Thailand street sights, even book shelves with old books!



Oh and also several plastic crates with glass Coke bottles like how you may find in a market place, oh and also several neon light boards with the most fun puns! We loved those! And in all this fantastic decor, the restaurant has one entire side being a ceiling to floor glass window letting in beautiful sunlight during the day! Given all this, the vibe at Mr. Miyagi’s is fun, positive and bubbly! It’s impossible to keep a frown in this fun filled joint, especially with such cheerful staff and, did we already mention COLORS?







Just when we thought we saw it all, we realized that the restaurant leads into a deeper area where the ceiling becomes a colourful pattern and the floor turns into a grey roadside kind of look. We realized we just walked into the “cool zone” of this hot shot restaurant! (Yes, it’s getting even better!) Welcome to the bar area at Mr. Miyagi’s! What’s terrific is that it’s got a personality of its own, separate from the main restaurant and a really good one at that. You have an actual auto-rickshaw with fancy designs and accessories to make it a perfect place to click as many pictures you like! Then the colors that keep going all throughout, the gorgeous delicately beautiful bird cage lights, and guys, there’s even a full blown cherry blossom tree in here! With the most relaxed seating and layout, this bar area is perfect for large groups and chilled out laid back get togethers.


Brownie Points:


Bite Board:


1. Kathoey Kiss [AED 59]: Categorized under Sweet drinks, this one came in a plastic packet with a straw. A beautiful cocktail with a slight sweet taste of bacardi and 7up most prominently. Definitely recommended for those of you all who like your drinks slightly sweet.

2. Loconut Lick [AED 60]: This one was a classic coconut and rum based drink. Safe choice, and comes in a coconut with an upturned mini bacardi bottle that pours in more of its contents as the coconut water is sipped. Lovely concept and absolute fun way of presentation!

3. Keemao [AED 50]: Another fun refreshing drink! With lots of crushed ice, it comes served in a tin can.


4. Soi Cowboy [AED 60]: This drink was true to its classification and had that edgy spicy taste to it. Definitely a must try!


1. Dynamite Shrimp with Spicy Tangy Mayo [AED 55]: This was a winner for us! A dish which has been replicated in so many restaurants and yet this one really stands out here at Mr. Miyagi’s. The serving comes in 5 pieces and was so delicious we could literally lick our plates clean! For sure, a must must must… have.

2. Sausage Char Siu Man Tuo Bao Buns [AED 45]: What a cute little dish this one. Fabulously white soft deliciously delicate puffy Bao buns! Omg these are to die for! Along with these came a serving of pieces of sausage, tossed in soya sauce and sesame seeds, and what we guess as teriyaki sauce. This dish was another winner here, and for those cute buns, this becomes a recommended dish.

3. Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish [AED 39]: The fish cakes were like no other. Light and crispy on the outside and succulent and savory meat inside the patty. Even the mixture of the fish meat was well seasoned, all of it went so well with the cucumber relish!

4. Chicken Siu Mai [AED 35]: Gorgeous, succulent, delicious, scrumptious dim sums! Omg these are the best dim sums we have ever come across in recent times! Served in three bundles of joy, these bites are nothing but gifts from the heavens of good food!! Another must have!


5. Shrimp Pad Thai [AED 65]: Another Thai favorite that was done so well in true unique, Mr. Miyagi’s style. An egg net stretched across the contents of the dish. The noodles were slightly dry but we’re not complaining because it tasted so good, all of it together! It was different from what we’re used to but a good different. Yummy pieces of shrimp, tofu and egg were scattered all throughout the dish.


6. Chicken Katsu and Japanese Sticky RICE [AED 75]: This was a classic sticky white rice served with a helping of chicken katsu, which is basically crispy fried chicken breast pieces sliced in length on the rice. The outer layer of the chicken was crispy and light, and the chicken was cooked so well, soft and succulent meat. The dish was a fabulous meal overall!


7. Schezuan Fired Bakchoy [AED 35]: Bakchoy at its classic best! The flavors were strong and the sauces came through so well. The vegetables were fresh and tasted delicious. A great recommendation for the veg food lovers out there!

Service was terrific. The staff was wonderful and extremely courteous. They were friendly and worked well as a team. Kudos to the team for giving us an amazing experience.

Cash Outflow:
WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT! Also, they have great deals on the drinks menu, which would certainly be worth trying.


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Circling Back:
We are definitely heading back to try the different varieties.

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