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We were invited to the tasting session at Joory and Cadi by the lovely, Jo (Soul_wayfarer)

Ratings: 9 Golden Nuggets

Located in Dubai Healthcare City, this restaurant is a quaint little hidden gem of sorts. Sporting a neat white exterior, and aesthetic woody white interiors, Joory and Cadi showcases true Instagram material! Given it’s location, this would be an apt place for small hangouts or even coffee dates.

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1. Mozzarella sticks: The mozzarella sticks were beautifully done, gorgeous golden brown bread crumb coated exterior with warm cheesy filling, stretching out with each bite. These are a must have as appetizers.


2. Buffalo Wings: The buffalo wings were delicious, meat really soft and well done, had a slight tangy taste to it.


3. Broccoli Soup: This one was a real surprise! We usually squirm at the thought of broccoli in our dishes, but this soup really opened up our minds to the idea of having broccoli in our soups! It was smooth and creamy and had a beautiful taste to it that kept us wanting more!


4. Garlic Bread with Cheese: The garlic bread was toasty and crunchy, along with the melted cheese on top, this dish was simple yet classic.




1. Lemon Mint: This drink was super refreshing, and tasted great! The lemon mint cooler was a real winner among all the other drinks. The taste was a beautiful blend of lemon and mint.


2. Peach Raspberry Iced Tea: Another winner! What a slurpilicous drink this was! We really enjoyed this one, highly recommended.


3. Lotus Caramel Milkshake: This one we found a tad bit too sweet, There wasn’t that much of a lotus taste to it, hence we found it only average.


4. Chocolate Milkshake: The chocolate milkshake had our hopes really high, looking at the abundant helping of chocolate oozing all over the top of the shake, along with little Hershey chocolate drops studded along the side of the glass. However in terms of taste, it didn’t exactly reach our expectations, it had a strong taste of coffee in it as well, but we expected a strong chocolate taste.



1. Bina Arabiatta Penne Pasta: This pasta dish was a veggie penne pasta made in typical arabiatta style. The pasta was well cooked and the sauce had a slight tangy taste to it. Definitely a must have.


2. Bolognese: The bolognese pasta was absolutely yum! The meat was generously loaded into the pasta and with all the cheese toppings and sauce, this dish really serves to please.


3. Fettuccine Alfredo: This dish would probably be our least favorite out of the three pastas, if we had to rate all, mostly because we’re not that big fans of white sauce or fettuccine, however generally, this pasta was pretty decent, tasted great and definitely will be a favorite with white sauce/fettuccine fans.


4. Vegetarian Pizza: The pizza was fantastic! It tasted oh-so-delicious, left us wanting slice after slice. The bread was light and fluffy and the cheese was smooth melted cheesy goodness. The vegetable toppings were also fresh and crunchy!


5. Chicken BBQ Pizza: The chicken BBQ pizza was hands down the best main dish! You wouldn’t really expect that great a pizza from a restaurant that doesn’t specialize in Italian as such, so when we got our Chicken BBQ pizza we were blown outta the park! Two words: Highly recommended.



Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream: The dessert was the perfect ending to our tasting with a classic chocolate fondant paired with vanilla ice cream. With a slight knock with our spoon the cake cracked open to reveal the oozing hot chocolate goodness that lay steaming within. Along with the vanilla ice-cream, this dessert won our hearts.


Such fabulous service, and wonderful staff. Every staff member, from the servers to the chefs, were all so warm and courteous, they really did make us feel welcome and comfortable. They were extremely patient and indeed were such great hosts!

Cash Outflow:

Absolutely worth every penny! Super affordable and great food at great prices.


For more details about the menu, visit <a href="http://Joory And Cadi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato“>Zomato.

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Yes! For sure!

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