A small scale outlet but what it lacks in space it makes up for in its passion for food.

We were notified through Instagram that we Had won an exclusive dining event through a competition in collaboration with Zomato and Dxbmuncher.

It was a tasting session along with few other bloggers in their newly opened branch at Al Wasl Square. The first outlet of Lazeez Restaurant was established 6 years ago and due to their striking gold performance with their first venture they decided to start a branch in Dubai.

Ratings: 8.5 Golden Nuggets

The restaurant has a casual atmosphere with great lighting That made our lives easier to get some good photos of our food. What else do bloggers want Other than delicious food?? Of course the perfect lighting to bring out the best of the food visually! The music scene was like mixtape that offers something for everyone to enjoy. We felt that the seating is a bit too tight knit for the area. The decor was quite elegant and suits the white and golden theme of the restaurant which gives it a royal feeling. Each corner of the restaurant has a painting on the wall with a DIY wine glass lighting to go with it which creates the royal feeling.




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1. Mint Lime with Basil Seeds: This drink was very refreshing and had a deep green color and the basil seeds added a nice touch to it. A perfect thirst quencher for the heat.


2. Blue Lagoon [AED 21]: Another invigorating drink that was way too sweet for our liking. It had a beautiful dark blue colour with a slice of lemon dunked in.


3. Blueberry Smoothie [AED 23]: The picture looked so gorgeous on the menu that we could not resist getting it to see the presentation and taste for ourselves and oh boy did it look so good! The shake was served in a bulb which was fresh and thick. There were chunks of berry that could be tasted as well.


1. Quinoa Raisins Salad [AED 26]: A salad made using organic quinoa, black and golden raisins, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and garnished with lemon.


2. Organic Burgul Salad [AED 25]: A salad with organic bulgur (cereal food made from the parboiled groats of several different wheat species, most often from durum wheat), carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and topped with homemade vinegar dressing.


3. Energizer Diet Salad [AED 28]: A salad comprising of broccoli, asapagarus, gooseberry, tomatoes, cucumber, red radish, and a seasoning of apple cider vinegar.


4. Anar Raita [AED 12]: Spiced yoghurt topped with pomegranate seeds. A unique concept that we haven’t seen in any other place until now. It was a perfect combination along with the biryanis.


These three salads are the restaurant’s signature dishes and were all very fresh and filling.


1. Palak Masala Roomali [AED 22]: Another interesting dish we had not seen so far. This was a crispy spinach roti garnished with onions, tomatoes, green chilis and seasoned with coriander leaves and chaat masala. A different version of the usual masala papads found in Indian restaurants. This is one of Lazeez’s Signature dishes and we do recommend trying it out.


2. Subzi Samosa [AED 16]: Pastry packets made with a stuffing of potato, vegetables, spices and cashew nuts. A must try for the vegetarians.


3. Murgh Zatari Tikka [AED 44]: A perfectly cooked chicken marinated with cream, yoghurt, ginger garlic paste and zatar herbs served in skewers on a live grill.


4. Murgh Hari Mirch Seekh [AED 37]: One of its many signature dishes. This dish was not overly spicy just the right balance even with the use of green chilis and herbs mixed with minced chicken being char grilled.


5. Gosht Kakori Kebab [AED 38]: A classic favorite dish that we love having, always. The name of the restaurant Lazeez (tasty) lives up to it in terms of these delightful kebabs which tasted amazing. They were tender, juicy and perfectly char grilled kebabs that we just couldn’t stop munching on.


6. Lasooni Paneer Tikka [AED 29]: Normally with paneer it’s almost always that we find it pretty dry as well as chewy and to top that the taste of garlic to it keeps you miles away from trying a particular piece. But this dish here was a game changer as the garlic did not overpower the paneer at all which were in small chunks of soft, juicy cottage cheese. The secret to this amazing dish is that the paneer is made in-house and not purchased, so every time you get freshly served paneer.


7. Sikandari Raan [AED 88]: Another one of the signature dishes at Lazeez. This was something we had tried for the first time. This dish is made using tender lamb marinated with herbs and spices cooked overnight. You can taste the tenderness of the meat and the generous serving of the marination! We definitely recommend this dish for all the meat lovers!

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A #signature dish at @lazeezuae that cannot be missed! Here we 💁🏻 have the “Sikandari Raan” 🍖 priced at AED 88. Another #delish 🤤😍 starter at the dining event with 👫👭@dxbmuncher and @zomatouae. This dish is made using a tender #lamb marinated with herbs 🌿 and spices cooked overnight to get a soft #fall-off-the-bone texture. You can taste the tenderness of the meat! We definitely 🙌🏻 recommend this dish for all the meat lovers ❤️! • • • • • • • • #sikandariraan #lazeezuae #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #beautifulcuisines #coldturkeydxb #calorified #doindubai #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #feedfeed #foodbloggers #f52grams #huffposttotaste #munchxzomato #munchxzomatoxlazeez #seemoredxb #tastedubai #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #visitdubai #whatsondubai #whitelabelmedia #zomato #zomatoexclusiveevent #zomatouae #mydubai

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8. Blaster Prawns [AED 49]: A glass of fresh prawns marinated with spicy and batter fried to get a nice spicy crunchy taste.


9. Lazeez Special Foil Chicken [AED 42]: A must try Lazeez signature dish for the meat fanatics. Chicken pieces in lollypop style marinated with green herbs, ginger, garlic and cheese that is wrapped with aluminum foil.


10. Kastoori Malai Broccoli [AED 35]: Fresh pieces of broccoli immersed in mint chutney, fenugreek leaves, cream and batter fried. This changes all the facets of broccoli when served and makes you fall in love with the vegetable.



1. Gosht Banjara [AED 36]: One of the signature dishes with tender mutton pieces cooked with spices on a slow heat until perfectly made.


2. Murgh Achari Tikka Masala [AED 40]: Pickle flavored dish is one of our favorites. This dish stood high having been the best one we have tried so far. The chunks of grilled chicken marinated in pickle paste made with red chilies and cashew nut based gravy.


3. Subzi Patiyala [AED 37]: Another signature dish which is recommended for the vegetarians. In this dish, cottage cheese, green peas, capsicum, cabbage, carrots are rolled in a rumali roti which is cut into bite sized pieces in a creamy spinach curry.


4. Murgh Pardanasheen [AED 72]: Yet another signature dish which is not to be missed. A pastry packet stuffed with a whole chicken marinated with spices and baked to perfection. This was the highlight of our evening.


5. Dal Makhni [AED 25]: Black dal along with tomatoes simmered over a slow fire to create a creamy red color. We liked how it was presented in a black bucket.


The best part about the curries that each one hold its unique flavor rather than just having different meat in the same curry which is usually the case in most restaurants. We loved that the curries consistency was thick and filling.


1. Garlic Naan [AED 8]

2. Plain Naan [AED 6]

These were served hot and fluffy in a basket. Both of them went well with the main course dishes.

Moving on to the biryanis, because no Indian food is complete without a plate of biryani! The most astonishing part is that Lazeez has over 40 types of biryani to offer! So you basically enter into a food coma with such delicacies.


We were offered six types for our tasting. But after all the starters and main course we had very little space to try all of them but we did taste one of it which was the Gosht Hyderabadi Biryani that was perfect in terms of spices and the meat was well cooked.

Since, needed room for desserts we restricted ourselves from splurging on all of them!


1. Bharwan Mushroom Biryani [AED 42]: A best selling signature item. Fresh char grilled mushrooms stuffed with spinach cottage cheese and prepared with basmati rice on a dum and served in a sealed earthen pot.

2. Dum Murgh Mumtaz Biryani [AED 45]: Another best seller. A biryani with grilled chicken leg, stuffed with chicken mince, dry fruits, cheese, mint and egg fused with basmati rice cooked in a sealed earthen pot.

3. Subzi Chatpati Bombay Biryani [AED 38]: Saffron flavored basmati rice made with healthy vegetables in tangy Bombay style masala served in a sealed earthen pot.

4. Gosht Boti Hyderabadi Biryani [AED 45]: Another Lazeez signature dish. Boneless pieces of mutton soused in a special hyderabadi masala incorporated with basmati rice, garnished with mint leaves on a dum in sealed earthen pot.

5. Salmon Quinoa Biryani [AED 72]: One of the best sellers from the signature dishes. Fresh fillets of salmon poached in garam masala, prepared with saffron flavored organic quinoa on a dum in a sealed earthen pot.

6. Atish-E-Jhinga Biryani [AED 74]: Another best seller amongst the signature dishes. Jumbo prawn pieces grilled and prepared with basmati rice in a sealed earthen pot.

Now heading on to the best part of our evening and our favorite part of any meal! Yes, you guessed it right DESSERTS!


1. Matka Chenna Rabdi [AED 16] The best seller signature dessert. A delectable sweet dish made with cottage cheese, condensed milk and saffron.


2. Matka Firni [AED 15]: A best seller signature dessert that comes in an earthen cup. It has ground basmati rice, milk, saffron dressed with pistachios and almond slivers. For the generous quantity, it’s a no brainer that this is a steal deal!


3. Angoori Rabdi [AED 16]: These are cottage cheese balls soaked in saffron flavored milk. This is presented in a martini glass giving it a beautiful look.


4. Kulfi [AED 15]: The highlight of the evening. This was presented in triangular chunks on a plate. Such a creamy, moist slice that just melts in your mouth. A brain freeze moment with the cold but so worth it! We could not resist gobbling half of the dish and the thought of sharing did not even cross our minds.


Outstanding work by Mr. Vivek the branch manager and the team who served us. They were friendly, quick on their feet and well spoken.

Cash Outflow:
HUNDRED PERCENT REASONABLE! You will not find such generous quantity with great quality Awadhi cuisine anywhere at least we have not come across anything that created magic for us like how Lazeez did.


For more details on the menu visit Lazeez Indian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We’d love to try again the different varieties of biryani’s, more grills and another amazing experience!

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