A street style joint offering authentic Filipino, Chinese and Japanese cuisines owned by an Indian National. ‘Talk about Asian Influence’!

We were invited by Hyperlink for a tasting session and decided to go for a lunch at the restaurant.

Rating: 5 Golden Nuggets

The restaurant provides you with an outdoor dining experience with a tent set up along with coolers and park benches. It’s structured to have a gazebo appeal that would be well suited for the winters as it is a bit warm in the summers but the portable coolers make up for it.

There are lanterns put up above each table which would be best to enjoy in the evenings to give that soft dim lighting and a cozy aura that complements the wooden decor.

The place is quite small with just 4-5 benches so you will need to plan beforehand and make a visit to this place.

Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly
Street Food Experience
Home Delivery

Bite Board:


1. Palitos De Queso [AED 20]: A spanish name for cheese sticks which is one of their special dishes but sadly this did not turn out as we expected. It looked more like a spring roll and two out of the four sticks did not have the cheese filling inside which let us down.

The cheesesticks were served alongside a spicy mayo dip made in-house which was just perfect. We would have preferred to have a bit more crunch to it and a generous serving of cheese.

Cheese Sticks

2. Crema De Pollo [AED 20]: A creamy chicken soup which was delightful, warm and true to its name, rich and full of tasteful chunks of chicken pieces that were cooked well. A recommended soup for the winters.

Cream of Chicken Soup

3. Vegetable Casa Roll [AED 28]: The rolls were pretty dry by themselves but with the soy sauce served they tasted okay. Maybe, another dip might work better to go with the rolls as a little extra soy sauce and you’ve got some ill tasting rolls in your hand.



1. Sizzling Chicken Sisig [AED 20]: This was supposed to be a sizzler with a spicy flavor and garnished with an egg on top. But what we got was a sizzle that went off way too soon because of the coolers and wind. The rice was too sticky and seemed overcooked. We could not taste any spice as mentioned and being fans of spicy food this did not match our expectations.

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All the sizzlers come along with an unlimited serving of rice which is a bonus for us Asians.

2. Chicken Schezuan [AED 20]: Having tried this dish a lot we are used to being served with a really spicy dish. Yet, what we got was a toned down version of it that worked pretty well with our guest who is not a fan of spice and loved the dish. The chicken was marinated and cooked well.

Chicken Schezuan

We felt that the portion was a bit less with this one but nonetheless a great dish that could be savored along with noodles or rice.

3. Chicken Noodles [AED 18]: We were told by our server that these noodles tend to be served dry and they did turn out to be the same but they tasted good and complemented the chicken schezuan dish as the sauce made up for the dryness. The serving is good enough to be shared between two people.

Chicken Noodles

4. Broccoli De Carni [AED 30]: A dish with lots of broccoli and beef. The beef was tender and prepared well. Only thing was the dish felt kind of sweet to us which was the reason we could not finish it. Being Asians, spices to us are essentials for any meal and sweet dishes could be a tricky thing and this time our appetites weren’t up for it. That being said, the broccoli was fresh and well marinated with the broth.

Beef Broccoli

We wanted to try Rellenong Bangus which is a seafood speciality, it is a milkfish dish which was not available during our visit.


1. Watermelon Breezer [AED 15]: We liked how creative the drink was with a mixture of coconut and lemon. It is quite thick and works well as a thirst quencher for the heat of Dubai.


2. Pinacolada [AED 15]: This was a refreshing drink and well liked as it went well along with the dishes we ordered.

Pina Colada


1. Halo Halo [AED 15]: The name translates to ‘Mix Mix’. It is basically a layer of fruits, jelly, pandans, nuts, beans, pomegranate, and ice shavings topped with condensed milk. A famous dish that is loved by the Filipinos which is a heady combination of fruits that’s a tad bit on the sweeter side with the sweetened milk and ice that will give you a brain freeze. A recommendation meant for the summers and those who have got a sweet tooth in them.


2. Ube Halaya [AED 10]: This sweet is normally made for carnivals and town festivals where different state people come out to try the delicacies being offered. Another one of the signature dishes which is made of Yam and tastes delicious.

We were offered an exemplary service by Mr. Gilbert the marketing manager who gave us an insight about the restaurant and how they came up with the idea of offering the cuisines with a touch of Spanish, and other Asian flavors while maintaining the authenticity of Filipino food.

Shout out to our server Mr. Henry, who did a great job of explaining the dishes to us as the names on the menu are predominantly in Spanish, Japanese and Filipino. Kudos to the team for giving us such a good experience for us in trying out the Filipino cuisine for the first time.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are very reasonable for the generous quantity. You will not see a hole in your wallet after dining here. The go to place for budget peers.


For more details about the menu, visit Casa Pinoy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Circling Back:
We had a great lunch and will be heading back to try out their seafood dishes and those who love Filipino style food as well as those who are on a budget as it ticks off both the categories.

We suggest the joint for Filipinos and who love their cuisine to truly savour the dishes they have to offer. We still need to be exposed to more of their cuisine to have more of their dishes. Yet do not stop on our account to head to this great place.

You can order their delicious food with great prices on Zomato, Uber Eats and Talabat.

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