A glimpse of Italian style breakfast!

We were part of the bloggers meet for breakfast hosted by Deepali (grub_a_fare) and Rai (theelysianwarriors).

Ratings: 8 Golden Nuggets

The outlet is tucked into the corner of the street behind Ibis Hotel which is an easy find. It has a casual vibe which suits perfectly for the eat and run concept in these times where everyone is on the run with their working lifestyles. The decor is simple simple yet it gives the right amount of lighting to take good pictures for us bloggers which is always a plus in our books. The interiors represent the kiosk colors which were red and white stripes that have been incorporated into the design of the outlet. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and with the lovely winter weather it’s the perfect time to take advantage of that option. The seating arrangement is really comfy and even has bar stool options for when you have your solo visits to enjoy the view and munch on a Piada or two. They have three outlets in Dubai and we dined in the World Trade Center branch.

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The morning started with a BANG by having an assortment of amazing cakes placed on our tables to munch on while listening to the back story on how the Piada (Italian Flatbread) were introduced in Romagna, Italy. They were originally sold in kiosks by the beach which kept bringing all the customers back to keep enjoying the variety of flatbreads that are mainly prepared with burrata, cheese, fresh vegetables, and some olive oil.



The cakes initially served to us were APPLE CAKE and TENERINA CHOCOLATE CAKE. The chocolate cake was concocted specially for a queen in Italy. We being chocoholics ABSOLUTELY LOVED the flavor of the cake as it had the right balance of sweetness and a crispy base which made it all the more delicious and just the perfect dessert for us. We ordered a latte and it was just the right drink to go along with the desserts.


Moving on we had a live demo of the Chef making the dough for Piada. We were shown the ingredients that go into preparing the dough. Once the dough is made it needs to be rested for 48 hours before making some yummy piadas with it.

Next best part, we got to MAKE OUR OWN PIADA and customize it with our favorite toppings to go. We had a fun experience trying to come out with a yummy flatbread. In order to make your own flatbread, the dough needs to be weighed to 115 grams and cooked until golden brown on both sides, then you get to customize it with the ingredients of your choice and finally grill the sandwich for two minutes. Voila, and your PIADA IS READY TO BE DEVOURED!!!

We made ours using some beef salami, smoked turkey breast, mozzarella, cream cheese, and grilled capsicum. The sandwich was filling and light on our stomachs, so need we say more!!! Isn’t that the best part where you can gobble on delicious food and not feel that heaviness after?? So, now you know where to get your NEXT BITE from if you are in the area.


Next up, we ordered a Green Detox drink to have along with our sandwich and it was quite refreshing. The drink had the right balance with the apple, mint and cucumber that gave a delightful taste to wash down the piada. They have a good selection of fresh juices and here’s a sneak peek of what all were brought to the table that fine morning.




Finally, on a sweet note with another round of the SINFUL TENERINA that disappeared within few minutes its arrival.


We were offered the best service and the staff was quite friendly and polished. A special shout out to Deepali for making sure we had a hands on experience of creating our own sandwich. Kudos to both Deepali and Rai for arranging an awesome morning.

Cash Outflow:
For the experience, quality and freshness of the food the price is very well justified and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


For more details about the menu, visit Piadera Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We are definitely visiting again to try out the remaining delicacies we missed out this time around!

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