A new place in town for all the vegetarians to try!

We had collaborated with Hemangi and were invited by Yardstick Marketing to join the launch of the outlet.

Rating: 6 Golden Nuggets

When we entered the first thing that amazed us was the decor! It was so beautifully executed with each element having the perfect ‘MIX N MATCH’ concept using vibrant colors of red, green, orange and silver. The seating is quite spacious, comfortable and can easily accommodate groups too.
After capturing the mesmerizing interiors, we were seated for a long time without any details on how the event will be conducted. Later, we were informed that it was a set menu that will be served to us during the evening.





Brownie Points

Kid Friendly

Bite Board:


1. Nachos with Refried Beans: An eye pleasing and sapid dish.


2. Mushroom Cappucino: We were pleasantly surprised with this one as it was our first time trying it. Basically, it is a mushroom soup layered with froth presented in glass. The froth in the beginning put some of our friends off from trying the item completely because it left a weird aftertaste but once you reach the soup portion all you are left is with a creamy tasteful soup and a happy tummy!

3. Sautéed Mushrooms: This was a small portion of mushrooms served along with some bread. We found that the rosemary on the mushrooms overpowered the whole dish which did not work in the favor of mushrooms.


4. Spinach Dip: Another combination we have not come across so far that entails spinach and cheese which definitely was a hit amongst our friends. The only thing we thought needs to be altered here is the toast that is served along with it because it does not do justice towards the dip.


5. Black and White Sesame Seeds Coated Cottage Cheese with Spicy Cream: It was a simple pan fried paneer which was sadly overcooked but the spicy sauce did a wonderful job of covering that fact and saved the dish. We loved the spice level infused in the sauce just hitting the right level of our taste buds spice-o-meter.


6. Masala Garlic Bread: This was a complete disappointment and a failure in our case because of the fact that we were served just plain bread whilst our friends received the garlic cheese topping along with it. So, some work needs to be done on maintaining consistency with the dishes.


1. Penne Arriabiata: This was a typical tomato based penne pasta which we did not like as much because of the huge chunks of tomato we found rather than the marinara consistency which is usually found in such dishes.

2. Al Pesto Genovese: Another penne pasta made with fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, some olive oil and dressed with parmesan cheese. We found the taste to be average since we did not receive a proper portion of the pasta to elaborate our thoughts on.

3. Pizza: We just had one of them which was a margarita pizza with thin crust catering to the Italian style of cuisine. There were quite a lot of pizzas being served but in our case we just received one of them even after alot of asking.


3. Steam Riso with XO sauce: A bowl of fried rice with way too much pepper in it. So another flat dish for us because the excess pepper made it really hard to even have a few bites of the rice.

4. Pasta Alfredo: The best main we had in comparison to the rest as it was loaded with cream sauce, garnished with black pepper and of course more cheese to the rescue. Who does NOT like cheese or says NO to cheese? We are definitely not part of that list and so we preferred this dish from all the mains we tried.


No tasting is complete without some desserts. So here is what we were offered:

1. Brownie with ice-cream: We have had better ones in comparison to what we tasted here. The brownie was completely completely over baked.

2. Cheesecake with ice-cream: The base was really well done with the right crunch to it but the cake portion was way too salty for our palate and we could not enjoy it.

On the whole, it is a place that caters different types of cuisines ranging from Italian, Mexican, Lebanese with an Indian twist to it. Also, the outlet is known to be Jain friendly so that would be another plus for the vegetarians.

This is a major area which was lacking during the event. The servers were not well acquainted with the dishes that were being offered to the customers. There was an imbalance between the staff availability and the people invited for the launch which would be the factor that lead to its slow service. Also, due to this a lot of confusion with the orders were made but its justified with the large crowd that needed to be handled.

We found that the staff needs to be trained to work under pressure as it was quite pressurizing for them to perform well under the circumstances.

Cash Outflow:
We did not receive any prices for the dishes we tried.


For more details about the menu, visit Riso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
This time around we were not that impressed so later in the future once they are well settled we might revisit them.

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