An outlet with an serene view!

We were invited to a tasting session at the restaurant by the marketing company Socialism. What a great deal up for grabs! Phenomenal location, superb service and food, refreshing drinks and the option of shisha as well! All of this for the most affordable rates!

Ratings: 8 Golden Nuggets

The entire layout of the restaurant was totally unique and had a refreshing outlook. For starters, the restaurant is located inside the Fishing Harbour on Jumeirah Road, so that is a slight deviation towards Pearl Beach area from the main road. As you drive into the enclosed area, there’s a beautiful row of various restaurants and the last one at the end of the narrow stretch is Cherrie Blossom. Considering how the place is kind of out-of-the-way, it’s a perfect hangout spot for those of you looking to have a quiet relaxing time, with a gorgeous view of the beach and some good food. The restaurant has an indoor seating and outdoor terrace. Hands down the terrace takes the cake for one of the best views we’ve seen, thats Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa on either sides! How cool is that?! Our views from the terrace included the entire expanse of the blue sea all around us, as the fishing harbour kind of stretches out a bit into the sea, somewhat like an island. You can also see lots of yachts, fishing boats and speed boats making their way, gliding through the waves. Definitely a visit to this restaurant is incomplete without getting a table on the terrace area, so make sure you book those before you go!



Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating
Pocket Friendly

Bite Board:

Currently Cherrie Blossom only provides buffet meals for breakfast and lunch with drinks and shisha, all of this at an amazing price of just AED 39 and AED 49 only!

Some of the items we tried were:

1. Mango Smoothie: The smoothie served to us had a mix of pineapple, lemon and melon in it. It was refreshing and tasted quite good.


2. Green Smoothie: This one is for all the health freaks out there! It consists of a mix of broccoli and spinach! A real filling smoothie this one, and a great one at that.


3. Peach Smoothie: This smoothie had elements of peach and lemon. It tasted great and had a smooth mix of all the flavors.


After the initial smoothies, we started with the buffet offerings,

1. Lentil Soup : We tried out their lentil soup, and boy, what a good choice we made! It was delicious and the texture was creamy and had just the right thickness to it. Not too heavy either for a starter.


2. Samosa and boiled Potatoes : This was part of their appetizer options. The Samosas were small little cocktail samosas, they tasted pretty average, probably would have been better if it was accompanied by some dip. The potatoes were well cooked and tasted good.


3. Pink sauce Penne Veg Pasta : They had a live pasta station near the buffet area. You can choose the pasta, sauce, spice level etc. You have the option to choose between just 3-4 options of vegetables and for non vegetarians there was the option of chicken. So we went ahead with penne pasta in pink sauce, with mushrooms, cheese and the usual Italian herbs. The pasta tasted really good. Simple yet yum.


4. Desserts : For desserts they serve mostly fresh fruits and some simple caramel pudding and slices of cake, as their options.


5. Karak Chai: This beautiful tasting session, ended on the perfect high note with a cup of hot karak chai! The chai was phenomenonal. Apart from the fact that it looked so cute in a small little clay pot, it tasted just as great as well. Sipping some hot chai, with the wind through your hair, cloudy skies above and calm waves below… sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Overall, their food covers a whole bunch of cuisines, such as Chinese noodles to Italian pasta to seafood like fish, crab and prawns, and of course Arabic food like hummus, khubus and the like and Indian like the samosas for example.

At the lunch buffet we were invited to, we could choose between two soups, about
4 appetizers, around 8-10 main course dishes, the live pasta station and of course the desserts which had simple offerings, about 3-4 options. That being said, although you’re not really “spoilt-for-choice”, you do have some yummy food!

Unlike other buffets, here once you’re done you’re left feeling happy, light and satisfied, rather than being over-stuffed, heavy and guilty for not eating enough to make use of the buffet price!

Their breakfast buffets serve a wide variety of North Indian and South Indian dishes, Continental as well as English breakfast options.

The service was lovely. The staff also, warm and courteous. The restaurant manager Mr. Shelton was a fabulous host, and did a great job of making sure we were comfortable, and we really did feel very welcome there!

Cash Outflow:
Good quality food at such affordable prices! Something that really stands out for this restaurant is the fact that they have a great deal up for grabs, phenomenal location views, superb service, decent food, fresh fruity drinks and the option of shisha as well! All of this on a platter for the most affordable rates we’ve ever come across.


For more details about the menu, visit Cherrie Blossom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
For sure! We would definitely come here again for their breathtaking views, as we dine on their gorgeous offerings, and of course for that cup of karak chai.


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