A well rounded trip to Punjab and back. The only joint with authentic Punjabi cuisine we have tried so far.

We had been invited by Mr. Arvinder to come and try their meals. So, on a Saturday along with our blogger friend Hemangi we headed out to have a delightful lunch.

Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets

A quaint joint small in size but big on comfort level with some fabulous decor done right. It has a modern touch to the regular Dhaba experience one would have when in India. We loved how the wooden interiors blended so well with the light bulbs placed over each table. Such an eye pleaser.


There is an outdoor seating with a sea view would be best enjoyed in the current weather. What more can you want when there’s clouds over your head, fantastic Indian food on the table and a blissful view of the sea ahead.


Brownie Points

Kid Friendly
Outdoor Seating

Now before we head on to the scrumptious delicacies we devoured let’s get an insight on how did Chawlas become so successful.

It all began during the 1960’s when late Mr. Attar Singh Chawla was working on perfecting one of his dearest creations ‘Cream Chicken’ that become a huge success in Ludhiana.

In Ludhiana it began with a hole in the wall concept with just serving take-aways of Cream Chicken with a loaf of bread which became a rage amongst the Punjabi’s since meat is their favorite and something so rich and innovative just took over the place and quickly creeping into everyone’s hearts.

They began their journey as Chawla Chicken and their signature dish which had everyone hooked onto was the Cream Chicken. So anytime someone thought of Chawlas it was always related to the cream chicken dish. So much so, that both were considered one and the same for all the customers who had tried the dish.

This was just the beginning and then it kept growing to a point where now it has over 100 branches across the globe. To name some of the branch locations would be North India, UK, New York, Australia, and their recent destination being Dubai.

The restaurant has been running for two decades hence the renewed brand name of Chawla square. Another reason for the rebrandingwas the passing on the legacy of over two generations to the grandson who is the youngest CEO in the family running the franchise.

Its fairly new in Dubai as it has been operating since two years and is managed by Mr. Arvinder and who has done a fantastic job of keeping true to their motto of serving authentic Punjabi cuisine.

The spices are imported from ludhiana which is a family secret and the dishes created cover both the sides of the coin that is being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Hence, the name fits them perfectly king of both vegetarian and non-vegetarians.

Bite Board


1. Lassi [AED 15]: There are two classic options sweet or salted. We decided to go with one of each and oh boy were we not disappointed at all! It was thick, creamy and just the perfect drink to wash down the tasteful food with.

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A heartful #punjabi meal is not complete without sarso da saag and makai roti with #lassi! So here’s an #authentic salted lassi @chawlas2uae for now but better stuff coming up ahead! With the first sip of our lassi we fell in love with the richness of the #yoghurt! It was OH SO GOOD 😍❤️🤤…. So we have our hand model @hemangiramani featuring our favorite drink 🥛 at lunch today! • • • • • • #saltedlassi #chawlas2 #authenticpunjabi #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #beautifulcuisines #coldturkeydxb #canonme #dubaipr #drinks #downtowndubai #eatoutdxb #foodbloggers #foodofdubai #f52grams #huffposttotaste #lunch #timeoutdubai #tastedubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #visitdubai #whatsondubai #zomato #zomatoreviewer #zomatouae #mydubai

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2. Fresh Lime Soda [AED 12]: Another refreshing drink that will bring back memories of India where it is quite famous and served in all kinds of places from small to big restaurants.



1. Non-Veg Platter: We had Mr. Arvinder decide the best dishes that we would not have tried elsewhere. We were definitely impressed with what was served to us.


Fish Tikka [AED 45]: Succulent pieces of grilled kingfish that goes perfectly well with the mint chutney if you want to up your spice level and have something on the spicier side. All the seafood fans, this is a must try!

Chicken Peshawari Tikka [AED 35]: Juicy bites of creamy chicken that is prepared in a clay oven. We loved how the chicken managed to stay warm even after a long haul of photographs and just disappeared within minutes. So you know now which starter is not to be missed on the menu.

Tangri Kebab [AED 34]: Drumsticks with stuffing of dry fruits and minced meat. We were wowed with this creation as we have never come across such a combination of stuffing! The nuts and the meat complemented each other. Another dish we recommend trying.

2. Tandoori Mutton Bara [AED 41]: Crispy lamb chops with tangy barbecue flavored crust. Every bite comes with a juicy slice of meat that just bursts out with flavors and takes you to another world altogether.



1. Cream Chicken [AED 37]: The signature dish which created a place in everyone’s heart. The chicken is cooked in cream and milk with a combination of spices invented by the family. It was as the name suggests really creamy, rich and not spicy at all. It definitely deserves all the praise it has received so far.


2. Mutton Rara [AED 44]: All the meat fans this one here is for you all to devour on because we definitely LOVED it! Luscious pieces of mutton along with minced meat dunked in a thick gravy.


3. Lacha Paratha [AED 6] & Butter Naan [AED 5]: To wipe off these yummy mains we got some hot, fluffy breads which were the right choices, though we preferred the butter naan over the paratha for being more soft!



The best part with their mains that you will not find anywhere else is NO food coloring and excessive oil that which is the sad case with most of the outlets serving Indian food in Dubai. Here you will be licking your hands off with the amazing taste because they are FINGER LICKIN GOOD!


Gulab Jamun [AED 15]: Its not the end if you do not complete your meal with something sweet. So we decided to try the gulab jamun and oh boy were we right to do so! We were served two HOT pieces of soft jamuns with the perfect amount of sweetness that you can go on eating without any guilt!


Kudos to Mr. Arvinder and team for providing us with the top notch service. All the servers were friendly and had a smile on their faces throughout the time.

Cash Outflow:
For the generous quantity and top quality dishes being served the price is definitely justified!


For more details about the menu, visit Zomato

Circling Back:
We are definitely up for another round of divine desi food! So many more dishes that we would love to try out. Thank you for having us at Chawlas.

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