A Hawaiian tradition makes its appearance in Dubai!

We dropped by during the launch and decided to keep it healthy during lunch for a change.

Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets

As we entered the outlet, we noticed an outdoor vibe concept that they’ve replicated indoors. We liked the details of the decor, Green hanging leaves merge well with the seating arrangements. You have different options where you could go for a high top seat or your typical dining chair seating.



The counter is where all the ingredients are kept on display and where the staff did a splendid of explaining each ingredient that the customer would like to add into their bowls.


The vines hanging around the corners, the frames and the dim lighting, creates a casual vibe which is great to enjoy some quiet time by yourself or catch up with your friends or even for a quick work lunch.


Brownie Points

Vegan Friendly

Bite Board


These are normally made with a base of raw fish but at Poke and Co you have a variety of options to choose from, from the base to the toppings.

So we took two bowls One with meat protein and the other was a vegetarian one.

Our protein bowl had a base of half zucchini noodles and half jasmine rice which was the speciality. Then for the proteins we went for cooked chicken and tofu. Moving on with the toppings we went for the edamame, mixed nuts, mangoes, seaweed, beetroot, jalapeño poppers, and dressed with light ponzu sauce made of dried fish and togarashi which is made of nine spices.


All the ingredients were fresh and tasteful making our first time all the more special!

The veggie Poke bowl was built on a layer of special rice at the bottom, with bits of edameme, pineapple chunks, beetroot, coconut shavings, cold cheese blocks, eggplant, shredded carrots and a whole lot more! All of this together made a fine healthy meal that we really relished. For fitness junkies and those looking for a quick work lunch, this place would be perfect!



Beetroot Latte: This was our first time trying out such a combination. The base was made of coconut milk and a heady dose of beetroot. It was well made, creamy and would be adored by all those who are lactose intolerant and of course who love beetroot!


Mocha Mania: The smoothie is made of almond milk, cocoa powder, coffee, peanut butter, dates and salt. It had a thick texture which made it the right balance to be called a smoothie. The only thing is since we are not huge fans of peanut butter, this did not suit our palates but this might be a hit for all the athletes to get on their dose of energy.

PC_Mocha Mania

There were some coconuts kept on the side with the name ‘Poke’ engraved on it, available as a beverage option of fresh coconut water.


We had Chef Hayley do a wonderful job of explaining the whole Poke concept and taking our orders and giving her recommendations on what is the best combination to be tried since it was our first time! All of the staff members were friendly and attentive of our needs.

Cash Outflow:
For something healthy, there is always a price to pay and this case is no different. You will need to shell out to enjoy some good vegan or healthy options.


For more details on the menu, visit Poké & Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We had a nice experience and will definitely recommend the place for trying it once!

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