After a long day at work, if you’re looking for a place to unwind and laze, BeatBox is the place to head for some reasonably tasty burgers and cocktails. Also, for those who work around the area it is a good place to get some lunch.

Located in the heart of Deira with the metro station just a 10 minutes’ walk away, it is easily accessible being on the main road and the items on the menu are fairly priced . We were invited by their team along with our blogger friend Hemangi, to review on their first day. Being the first day we found the place quite crowded as soon as we entered.

A small fast food joint, cozy and tucked in between rows of shops. The décor inside and seating went well with the signboard color of Black and yellow which we found unique to the place.


Rating: 6 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board:

On arrival, we were offered their strawberry and mango curd till we placed our orders and we loved the strawberry over the mango. Also, they were serving everyone with their complimentary chicken sliders.


The Masterpiece Burger [AED 12]: A regular chicken slider with cheddar cheese and mayonnaise, perfect for those who aren’t seeking out for anything heavy and only want a bite-sized meal. With the exception of having too much butter in it, we felt the slider didn’t have anything different to offer.


Veganwood [AED 17]: A vegetarian club sandwich having tomato, cucumber, potato patty, lettuce and cheddar cheese. We felt the sandwich was a bit on the dry end and it was a normal sandwich which could also be made at home.


French Fries: Crispy but bland served in a small skillet style dish. Points for the presentation but it requires some work, maybe some dips could be served along with it to bring out some flavor.

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Did you say exercise or extra fries 🍟! Coz we 👭 only heard about the fries only 😋. Here are some #frenchfries we had at the launch of @beatboxdubai this week. Sadly, we found them a bit bland at the beginning but after topping it up with some chili 🌶 flakes and a spicy dressing to go with; they were the fries that we wanted them to be. • • • • • • #fries #beatboxcafe #launch #baniyas #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #chiliflakes #dubaipr #dubaibloggers #dxbrestaurants #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #f52grams #foodofdubai #foodbloggers #friesbeforeguys #friesforlife #huffposttotaste #instaeating #masalauae #menupages #tastedubai #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #whatsondubai #zomatouae #mydubai

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Shining Apple [AED12]: Fresh apple juice, not being too thick or too watery, having a blend of sweet and sour, though more inclining on the sour end. It was a soothing drink to the throat especially for someone after a heavy workout. Although it says mixed fruit juice, all we could taste was the apple.

WatoLemoBerry [AED12] – A fruit juice nothing like its name. A basic lemonade juice with a twist of watermelon juice added. However, the flavor of berries was absent.

Blue Ocean [AED 13] – An icy mixed fruit juice, thick fruity foam on top, refreshing with every sip taken. Blue Ocean, not so blue by name, a layer of orange on top and red at the bottom having the flavors of yummy sweet cherry syrup and mandarin.


Mint-Cado-Apple [AED 13] – A cooling avocado mint thick juice that didn’t want us going back for more. We could taste only mint and avocado. You have this once, there is nothing you can have later. Tried, tested and reviewed.

Dr. Jumpstart [AED 13]: Had a heavy meal or cheated on a strict diet? And now you’re feeling guilty! Here is your perfect jumpstart to repentance. A health drink consisting of beetroot and carrot cocktail with a slice of ginger. Every mom’s recipe for an overly healthy kid.

The Dark Knight [AED 25]: Our last and final order that had us waiting for long yet soothing our bellies after its arrival. A jar full of peanut butter pleasure topped with whipped cream and decorated with mini white marshmallows. A wonderful delight and filling us to end our appetite, definitely not for those counting their calories.


We were offered good service but being the first day there were quite a few mix ups and delay with the orders.

Cash Outflow:
It is a bargain by getting great quick bites and quiet place offered at an affordable rate.


For more details, check out the menu on Beatbox Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We would love to stop by this place again if we were in this area for a quick bite.

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