Whenever you’re in need for an unwinding session after a long day or you just want to step away for a while from the hustle and bustle of the city, Jebel Ali Recreation Club is the perfect place for you and we’ll tell you why.

We were invited by the Jebel Ali Clubhouse team itself to be a part of their grand re-opening. To say the least, it was a fantastic evening that started out slow but ended on such a wonderful note. Our evening ended up being filled with lovely banter, laughter and of course FOOD!

Jebel Ali Recreational Club is located near Ibn Batuta Mall in Jebel Ali Village in Dubai. There’s ample of parking available which a definite plus in our books.
The entire structure of JARC is sort of like an amphitheatre like arrangement with a large canopy for shade. As we entered, we had contacted a member of the PR team that had invited us and were handed over wrist bands (indicating our coupons) without any hassles whatsoever. The entire event went smooth and was organized quite well. Once inside, we noticed the place was packed with all kinds of people.

Couples, families, groups of friends and so on, it was quite a mixed crowd which is perfect as you don’t need a specific type of company here any company is good company. Overall the entire place had such a causal and laid back vibe to it which was enhanced even more with the amazing winter weather and its smooth flowing music.

The evening being its Grand Opening, the event organizers had also arranged for Samba dancers and Fire breathers to performers at intervals throughout the night. It was quite a spectacular performance and surely kept everyone thoroughly entertained.



Within the structure there are four restaurants in total offering cuisines and experiences quite diverse from each other. Namely, The Clubhouse which also has an in-house pub called the Ship’s Wheel, Seafood Kitchen, Café Milano and Andalucia.




Unfortunately, we had the opportunity to visit only two of the restaurants.
Starting with Seafood Kitchen, first off AH-MAZING décor! The lighting above along with the surrounding aesthetics gives the whole place a sea shore sort of vibe. Apart from its wonderfully curated menu they also provide a panel of fresh fish to choose from and to be cooked as per our liking. Customers are always right indeed! Our biggest let down at this place was the astonishingly slow service, maybe it was due to under staffing issues or the large crowd at the opening night but those reasons still do not justify waiting for over an hour for just one plate of food. We found the food average and the mocktails at par. The décor and the interior works were the only saving grace at this establishment.





Next up was The Club House. This place was our favourite of the two. The interiors, just like any other end high pub was quite cosy and laid back with lovely lounge chairs and a nice wooden flooring. It is a modern bar with a glass fronted kitchen serving American and Italian cuisine. A complete contrast to the service at Seafood Kitchen, here the service was quite fast. The food served here wasn’t the best we’ve had but they weren’t as bad either. We loved the desserts and will definitely be considering another round here to try out their breakfast options.

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We were invited by @jebelaliclub to be a part of their grand opening after the renovations and visit @jebelaliclubhouse! The event started with a bang with performances, music and of course food throughout the evening. It has a structure of an amphitheater with a pool so anytime is the best time to visit the place. Here is a snippet of what we had that evening. We would have preferred the cheese 🧀 to be a bit warmer to get that gooey effect which is the best 🙌🏻 combination with nachos! . . . . . . #nachos #cheese #pesto #creamcheese #springonions #theclubhouse #jebelaliclub #grandopening #bloggersmeet #bbc #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #city1016 #dubaipr #dubaibloggers #dxbrestaurants #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #feedfeed #f52grams #foodbloggers #instalike #krisfade #media #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #whatsondubai #zomatouae #mydubai

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Overall it was fantastic evening and a great experience. We’re glad we found this place and now you know do too.

Some of the highlights would be:

– Ample parking space
– Kid friendly environment
– Breakfast options
– Live music
– Perfect for any occasion whether formal or informal
– A full bar

Don’t miss on this hidden gem of a place especially when the winter is here.
Let us know about your experience there as well. What you guys liked and did not like. Keep us posted and stay tuned for more events like these!

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