The right place for Indian food and some drinks!

We won a contest for the desi brunch and went to try it this week.

Rating: 7 Golden Nuggets

A small town feels with the vintage decors, cartwheel designs for counters, paintings of village members dancing around a bonfire; mini bells hanged over each dish. You have comfortable seating options be it the sofa seating or chairs suitable for large groups. We liked the lamp lighting giving it a casual environ to enjoy your meal.



For all the desi people in town, the music will be on point who are crazy
Bollywood fans!

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Kid Friendly
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Live Music

Insider Information
It is known to be one of the signature restaurants of Citymax hotels. The restaurant offers a la carte, friday and saturday brunches, and business lunch.

The business lunch is priced at AED 45 with two mains of non-vegetarian and one vegetarian dishes, some starters and desserts.

The lavish spread is on the weekends where the DESI BRUNCH on fridays costs AED 69.


During the weekends, there is a live chaat counter, chai counter, a bar, live grill station where the chef will make the dish of the day according to your preferences.

Bite Board:


1. Corn and Capsicum Salad: The corn was fresh, simmered to perfection and tasted amazing. We could not help ourselves and piled heaps of this on our plate!

2. Aloo Chana Chaat: This was an average dish with the potato not being cooked well and same case with the chana, with the spices not blending well with the undercooked potato.

3. Chicken Tikka Salad: This was another dish we liked because the chicken was well prepared, had a spicy dressing to it and was a flavorful one.

4. Hummus: We were not happy with the texture as we felt the chickpeas ratio was more and it did not seem fresh either which almost put us off.

5. Cartwheels: the plain ones were the best of the lot, where it had the perfect crunch, crispy and light. Sadly, the ones with color were not made well as they were undercooked, which was not good enough to eat.

6. Tossed Salad: It was a combination of shredded cucumber and tomatoes. It was okay, but again the cucumbers were not fresh and hence could not go for another round.

7. Lemon Mint: This was a refreshing drink and quite different from the ones we had so far. There was chaat masala added to it and gave a tangy tasting while balancing the sourness of the lemon.

8. Orange juice: This was too sour for our taste.

9. Salted Lassi: We felt the salt was too much in this drink and more water than we would have preferred.

10. Aloo Tikki: Small potato rolls dipped in flour and deep fried. With the mint chutney this went well but felt dry otherwise.




1. Murgh Gilafee: Chicken kebabs that were garnished with corianders leaves. The pieces were grilled well and were succulent that just left you wanting to keep eating them.


2. Vegetable Pizza: We did not like this due to the fact that it was soggy, very little cheese, not well-cooked veggies and too chewy.


3. Stuffed Gosht Raan: A piece from the mutton leg and potato tawa fried with spices prepared by the chef. We like things a bit on the spicier end so there was a bit more of chili powder, some onions, and lemon juice. We liked the dish as the meat was tender, the spices just added to the already cooked meat.


4. Dum Biryani: The biryani seemed to be average what could be found everywhere else. Nothing that stood out as such. The meat was cooked well, only thing is the pieces were way too big; we would have preferred them to be a bit smaller sized.

5. Garlic Naan: These were made on order and were so so good! They were hot, soft and perfect to wipe off the mains we had. Only thing is don’t keep them for too long otherwise they become hard and then it becomes a game of tug of war to get a piece of it.


6. Aloo Methi: This tasted good. Potato with the right spices and still kept its shape. We had this along with the Garlic Naan which tasted heavenly.


1. Gulab Jamun: We fell in love with these. The first and best choice we made. The jamuns were made perfectly, so soft and the right texture with not being overly sweet.

2. Black Forest Pastry: We felt the sponge dry but the cream was fresh.


3. Vanilla Ice-cream: This helped us change our palette and was perfect for our tastebuds.

4. Chocolate Mousse: The chocolate was a bit too bitter for our taste but we loved the soft texture of the cream.



We were attended by Devlakshmi who was super attentive with all what we needed and offered us the best service. All the staff kept checking on the customers if they needed anything which we liked. The servers are well polished and had a smile on their faces throughout while working on a weekend!

Cash Outflow:
We found for the price to be a tad bit high, since we did not find that many options to be justifying the price.


For more details about the menu, visit Claypot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato.

Circling Back:
We might come again for a different brunch or try out the a la carte menu and hear the live music as well.

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