“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” -Federico Fellini

Immerse yourself in the magic of Italian cuisine at Italiere.

Located in the midst of varied restaurants alongside the stretch of Sharjah University City road is this Italian hideaway. We were invited by the restaurant for a tasting session and we were more than delighted to take up the offer.

Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets

Find yourself inside a ristorante sipping on some fresh mock-tails and enjoying a slice of authentic Italian pizza fresh from the oven. That’s how we felt inside this lovely restaurant. The aesthetically rustic brick walls and the minimalistic interiors with comfy seating and cushioned booth areas offer its diners a somewhat pleasant and homely vibe to enjoy lunch or dinner with family and/or friends.

Not to forget, at Italiere you’re not limited to just Italian cuisine. You are honestly spoilt for choice with their two other eateries i.e. one being Cremolata where you can take your pick at the assortment of varied gelatos ranging from cheese kunafa, coffee, lotus to tiramisu, oreo truffles, saffron etc. The other is a coffee shop literally on a level above via stairs where you can grab a freshly brewed cup of steaming hot coffee and many other options.

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Bite Board:


1. Classic Mojito: A classic indeed! Mojitos are honestly our best friend and when it comes to a perfect mock-tail this one checked all the boxes for us. Light, refreshing and with a surprising hint of honey it was the perfect drink to pair with the upcoming courses throughout our meal.


2. Strawberry Mojito: This one is our staple drink at every restaurant we visit and most of the places are a little off with their version of the strawberry mojito. But at Italiere, you can trust them to get their drinks right. The balance was perfect and quite refreshing with the fresh slices of lime mixed into the drink. Definitely one of the best strawberry mojito we’ve tried till date.


3. Cremouccino: A perfect blend of coffee, ice, and milk served in a huge jar. The coffee was not too overpowering and a great palate cleanser. Unfortunately, we ordered it along with the food so couldn’t enjoy it much but having this at the end of a meal would be a right ending note to any meal.


4. Smoothie lemonade: A glass of a vibrant green palate cleanser. The proportionate blend of mint and lemon was so perfect we were quite taken aback ourselves with how good it tasted. This one is a must try and we strongly recommend it.




5. Fresh Burrata Cheese Salad: A lovely way to begin is with a fresh serving of this burrata salad. Served with a couple of cherry tomatoes and basil. It’s light and quite a healthy start for the hearty meal up ahead.


6. Truffle Fries: A plate of crispy and delicious fries doused in truffle oil and topped with generous shavings of parmesan cheese. An absolute favourite and a must try!



7. Chicken Barbeque: The BBQ Chicken pizza was just perfectly done. We had our standards and this one surely surpassed it. Warm cheesy goodness paired with the tangy BBQ sauce taste greeted us with every bite and we couldn’t be any more happy with it. We totally and completely recommend this.


8. Pepperoni – A freshly baked pizza with mozzarella and topped with juicy beef pepperoni. The pizza was served hot with a lovely aroma and simply put delicious. The thin crust base, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and the lovely sauce were all in the right proportions and quite yummy.


9. Penne w/ pink sauce and grilled chicken: Our favorite of the entire meal at Italiere. We had asked for it to be served a little spicy cause we’re all a bunch of spice lovers and what we got was truly heaven on a plate. A perfectly cooked serving of penne pasta with an equally perfect creamy and rich pick sauce. Mixed in were a couple of perfectly cooked pieces of grilled chicken and of course as asked topped with a sprinkle of chili flakes. We strongly recommend this pasta cause with every bite we just couldn’t fathom as to how delicious it was and within moments it was all gone. Definitely one of the best pasta dishes out there.


10. Braised Short Ribs w/ Sweet Sauce: We were served with ribs done to perfection to the point where one could easily pull apart the meat with just a simple cut. As it is served with a sweet sauce we weren’t too happy with it overall because we normally like it spicy but that’s just our preference. Keeping that aside, it tasted delicious along with the mashed potatoes and sprinkles of carrot and beetroot shavings and some slices crispy onions.


11. Beef Steak: A generous serving of hand cut pieces of beef steaks. We haven’t tried many steaks before but we really enjoyed the steak served here. It was done medium rare with a pink center. The steak was juicy and tender and you can definitely tell that the meat were good quality. Served with potato mash, asparagus and a side of gravy. It definitely makes one hell of a hearty dish.


12. Mushroom with Truffle oil – A plain pizza served with dollops of cheese, generous servings of mushrooms and truffle oil. Perfectly cooked pizza and mushrooms, we felt the truffle oil overpowered the mushroom pizza for us and would have preferred some spices along with it.


13. Mixed grilled vegetable – A surprise entry for us as we are not fans of zucchini and eggplant, but this pizza just tasted heavenly and yum! A thin crust pizza with grilled bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and a lot of cheese made this pizza juicy and went well with us veggie and cheese lovers.


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Italiere is THE place in town for all the Sharjah foodies and definitely worth the trip for all the Dubai natives as well to head and get some amazing Italian cuisine, be it our favorite Penne pink sauce 🍝 with grilled chicken 🍗 or a range of cheesilicious thin crust pizzas 🍕! You name they have it all ❤️. It’s located at the famous University City Road so very easy to get to 🚘! Thank you for having us @italiere.ae and giving some great food to reminisce over the weekend about. . . . . . . #pizza #pasta #steak #shortribs #trufflefries #burratacheesesalad #virginmojito #strawberrymojito #cremuccino #lemonmintsmoothie #italiere #cremolata #bloggersmeet #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaibloggers #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #foodbloggers #happyeating #sharjahuniversitycity #sharjahbloggers #thescrumptiousscavengers #visitsharjah #zomato #zomatouae #mysharjah

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14. Stuffed Cookies w/Gelato (Lotus): A stuffed lotus cookie served to us in a mini skillet alongside a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with some lovely slices of fresh strawberries. The cookie was warm and paired really well with the ice cream. The stuffing also comes in different variants of pistachio, kinder and nutella.


15. Sliced Saffron Milk Cake: By far the best milk cakes we’ve had. The presentation was quite simple which is justified as the cake spoke volumes by itself. A slice of spongy porous milk cake in a pool of saffron milk. The cake soaked up all the milk pretty well and each morsel of it was quite a treat to eat.


16. Chocolate Fondant Cake – A rather indulgent chocolatey dessert. We loved the presentation of it being served in a pool of custard and a sprinkles of chopped pistachios. The cake was really moist, gooey and oozes out chocolate once cut into. In one word, DELICIOUS!


The servers are quite welcoming and courteous and attended to our every need. The staff is also quite knowledgeable about the food served and in conclusion, we truly enjoyed our time here.

Cash Outflow:
The serving portions are quite generous which is the Italian way of course. And as for the value for money, we’d like to say that the prices justify the quality and quantity of food served at Italiere.


For more details about the menu, visit Italiere Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato.

Circling Back:
Of course! We loved everything about this place from the hospitality we received, the lovely interiors to the lip smacking food served there we’re definitely heading back for round two.

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