A hidden gem in Sharjah!

After days of planning a Sharjah food trip, we finally found ourselves heading towards the famous Insta worthy hotspot of town, Mara Café.

Rating: 7 Golden Nuggets

As we pulled into the parking right in front of the cafe, we noticed it’s a really small outlet from the outside, making it easy to miss. However, walking into the outlet we realized they’re literally a hole-in-the-wall concept, with the most quaint furniture, all white, wall hangings and overall ambiance. They have lovely warm yellow lighting and beautiful green leafy creepers draped around the wall lamps. The music was pretty good too, they played some of the latest tunes, however we thought maybe a soft instrumental upbeat track would have completed this cafe’s quaint personality.




Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

1. Mara Signature Fries: Ooo, just thinking about these fries makes us drool. Beautiful golden crispy fries, slightly browned at the skins. These fries were loaded with a tangy slightly spicy mayo which went really well together. The signature fries had jalapeños in them which brought out a spicy flavor as well!


2. Mara Signature Sliders: The sliders came on next, they were served as two sliders on a plate, being sliders they were small bite sized as expected. The bun was soft and the patty was deep fried crunchy. In between we tasted some cheddar cheese and jalapeños. Overall we found the slider quite nice, though in one of them we found the stuffing falling and spilling all out, making it rather messy. Then again that’s something with most sliders.



3. Triple Chocolate Heaven: Yowzaa! We have a winner here people! As we waited impatiently for our dessert, we then noticed the server bring out an iron pan with a long handle. As it came closer, we recognized that all-too-familiar face. A face of warm oozing hot chocolate and pure love! Finally, we were united with the Triple Chocolate Heaven. After the mandatory photoshoot, we used our spoons to annihilate the soft chocolate cake, and as we did so, we saw the chocolate sauce pool that lay on the crown of the cake come down to the base of the pan in the most elegant way. It was truly delicious to say the least.

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Have you guys made your trip to #heaven 😇yet? Coz we 👭 just did @maracafe.ae by indulging in this #gorgeous 😍 dessert, the ‘Triple Chocolate Heaven’! This dessert will satisfy all your chocolate 🍫 cravings with that soft sponge chocolate cake 🎂 drizzled with chocolate sauces that will leave you crying 😭 💔 for more! . . . . . . #triplechocolateheaven #maracafe #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #chocoholics #chocolateaddicts #dubaibloggers #dessertgram #dessertsfirst #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #foodbloggers #gooddessert #happyeating #sweettooth #sharjahuniversitycity #sugaraddicts #thescrumptiousscavengers #visitsharjah #zomato #zomatouae #mysharjah

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1. Strawberry Moijto: This drink was bright pink in color, served in a very interesting cup that was shaped like a beaker. We liked the taste of the drink, but didn’t like the after taste all that much.


2. Blue Lagoon: The color of this one was a bright electric blue. Looked absolutely gorgeous but the after taste again was a bit off, however we enjoyed the taste of lime and mint in this one.


The only let down here we felt was the service, as our orders came after a long wait for each order. We noticed some customers who came in after us and got their orders and left before us.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are slightly on the expensive side, but then again indulging in good food once a while is no harm to anyone.


For more details about the menu, visit Mara Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
Yes! We’d love to gorge on that dessert and more again.

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