A famous franchise from the US now offering their take on Indian, Pakistani and Chinese cuisine here in Dubai.

We had actually won a voucher through a giveaway held by Divya Sirnani. The place is located in Burlington tower and is quite an attraction for all the office goers in the area.

Ratings: 7 Golden Nuggets

Ashar’s kitchen is a moderately sized restaurant that accommodates both indoor as well as outdoor seating areas. The place has wonderful natural lighting and a lovely view opening out to the Lakeview of Downtown Dubai. It is conveniently located to suit both the residents of the area as well as the office goers.


The menu is also purposely curated to cater to its varied customers with their compact lunch combos to their elaborate main course options.


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Bite Board:


1. Karak Chai: One just can’t go wrong with karak chai and so did the chefs at Ashar’s kitchen. The chai was served hot and tasted great. We had the chai towards the end of our meal which served as a perfect ending to our lovely food experience at the restaurant.


2. Lemon and Mint Drink: The drink was fresh and refreshing but the only thing was the lemon was way too overpowering and quite sour for our taste.


3. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie: This smoothie was a little towards the watery side as in it wasn’t thick like a smoothie but more of a juice or a mocktail. Even though it’s called a Strawberry Watermelon smoothie all we could taste was just watermelon. Somehow the strawberry flavor seemed to have been lost. Overall, it was quite okay and refreshing by itself.

4. Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie: Once again a little more towards the watery side and no strawberry flavor whatsoever. It was again okay but besides that it was quite a palate cleanser throughout our meal.



5. Vegetarian Kathi Roll: It tasted heavenly and was quite filling as it had paneer cubes which were extremely soft, tangy sauces and other vegetables which complimented the paneer thus not making it too heavy. The Kathi rolls are one of their best seller dishes and were recommended to us by the owner.

6. Non Vegetarian Kathi Roll: As a recommendation of the owner, we tried this lovely flavorful chicken roll that was a wrap of tender and juicy chunks of chicken mixed with some delicious sauces. The roll wasn’t too dry nor was it too runny. It was perfect in all aspects and serves as a perfect snack to grab for an on the go bite. Even though a chicken roll would seem heavy, the kathi roll was actually quite light yet filling.

7. Garlic Chili Fries: The fries were crisp and full of flavor but the garlic overpowered the chili which made it hard to keep eating them.





8. Reshmi Paneer w/ Garlic Naan: We’re so glad we got to try this during our quick stop by at this restaurant. All thanks to Mr. Junaid, the owner, who personally recommended this dish for us. The paneer was soft and cooked perfectly and as for the gravy, it was rich, creamy and packed with flavor. The garlic naan served along with was soft and fluffy as well. The reshmi paneer paired with the garlic naan felt like such a classic just like bread when paired with jam & butter. It was quite a combo and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Ashar’s Kitchen, a #famous franchise from the US has opened its doors 🚪 for all the people of Dubai! They have some really good kathi rolls 🌯 for the vegetarians and the non vegetarians! Here we 👭 have the #signature dish ‘Reshmi Paneer’ and ‘Garlic Naan’ made especially for us by the lovely chefs of Ashars, based on the recommendations of the owner, Mr Junaid who was very passionate about the food and the venture! We liked how the naan was fluffy, warm, and soft which complemented the paneer really well. The paneer was soft, and melted in your mouth right away. We could not have asked for a better #lunch @ashars.kitchen ! A special thanks ❤️to @divyasirnani for introducing us to a good #Indian place. . . . . . . #reshmipaneer #garlicnaan #asharskitchen #downtowndubai #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #businessbay #coldturkeydxb #desifood #dubaibloggers #dubaipr #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #foodofdubai #foodbloggers #f52grams #instalike #menupages #maxfoodshot #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #whatsondubai #zomatouae #mydubai

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The service was impeccable and the servers were quite friendly. We felt welcomed and valued when Mr Junaid, the owner himself asked us about the food and even recommended a dish or two for us to try.

The only thing that disappointed us was the service. We had actually stopped by the place for a quick snack but due to the slow service we ended up staying there until lunch.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are quite affordable for the area in which the restaurant is located. As for the serving sizes it’s an absolute value for money.


For more details about the menu, visit Ashar's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
Yes. This place is definitely worthy of another try as we’ve yet to try out so much more of what they have to offer. So consider us back there sometime soon!

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