When you want a taste of some aromatic Lebanese cuisine, Baydar would be the ideal stop.

We were invited by the restaurant for a tasting session and we were more than delighted to take up the offer. Located in Al Barsha Mall which was quite a long drive for us but the experience we had there made up for it.

Ratings: 9 Golden Nuggets

Baydar is a lovely little dine-in on the first floor of Al Barsha Mall. Right off the bat, this place treats you to an AMAZING view where you get the beautiful and serene Al Barsha pond park upfront, the Burj Al Arab and a faint Burj Khalifa. The décor is contemporary with a sense of elegance, well lit and spacious. The place gives out a warm and pleasant vibe. It’s perfect for families, colleagues and friends to relax and enjoy a meal together.




Another bonus here is that Baydar is joined with another restaurant offering freshly baked flatbreads and mostly Italian cuisine. So there’s no limitation to choice here. You can have your pick at both the restaurants at one place.

Unfortunately, we were so stuffed with the food from Baydar that we didn’t get a chance to try some of what Sandella has to offer. But it’s a good option for people who want some interesting variety of food on the table!

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Once we were seated, we were offered some complimentary but delicious sumac and zaartar bread sticks and some lovely baked arabic bread with a dip, olives and pickles.



1. Fruit Cocktail: One of their popular drinks. The cocktail is thick in texture with fresh fruit pieces and a dollop of whipped cream on top. It can be quite much for one person. The pieces of fruit were yummy but overall we weren’t huge fans of this drink.


2. Fresh Juices: We had tried the apple juice, watermelon juice, orange juice and the lemonade. They all looked vibrant and tasted really fresh. We had a little problem with the apple due to it discoloring a little bit as we kept it aside for too long but in the restaurant’s defense our server did warn us about that.



3. Strawberry Black Tea infusion: A lovely concoction of black tea with pieces of fresh strawberries immersed in it. The tea was such an eye pleaser that we had to give it a try. Even though its black tea at the end of the day we didn’t get any hint of black tea but just a strong taste of strawberries.





4. Hommos: Hands down one of the best we’ve tried so far. It was perfect texture wise, creamy, fresh and tasted delicious. Along with the steamy hot baked bread served, it was a match made in heaven.

5. Moutabal: This is an aubergine dip. It had the right balance and was perfect texture wise as well. The moutabal was fresh and blended flawlessly. We loved the smoky flavour of it all. A definite win in our books.

6. Rocca Zaatar: A revelation and now, one of our favorite go-to salads of all time. One bite of this and you’re hooked. It’s has a tangy taste to it and the ingredients used were all fresh. We loved this one and definitely recommend it.



7. Falafel Sandwich: This was the last dish our vegetarian scavenger tried as she dug into the manakish and hommos first, due to which it became a bit soggy. A traditional Lebanese wrap of Arabic bread having a filling of fried balls of ground chickpeas, tomatoes, cabbage, mint, beetroot with a generous serving of yoghurt, which sadly ended up being too sweet for our liking.

8. Cheese Rekak: Our first time trying this out and it won’t be our last. They are rolls made of crunchy pastry with a cheese filling. It was yummy and delicious. A perfect choice when you want to start the meal with something light.


9. Cheese Manakish: One of the best manakish we have tried and on top of our best Lebanese dishes one must try. Served with a soft thin bread base and a generous serving of cheese and zaatar, which tasted heavenly and was gulped down in minutes.


10. ½ Grilled Chicken: The chicken was cooked really well. In terms of quantity also, it was pretty sufficient, if not more. The meat was tender and soft. We really enjoyed the marination, as it had the perfect seasoning.


11. Mix Grill kebab platter – This one was a wonderful feast for all the meat lovers. The platter served to us consisted of shish taouk, meat arayes and shish kebab. We devoured the arayas in seconds cause they were just that good! Arayas are pita bread stuffed with minced lamb meat, tomato, onion and different spices. They are usually served crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The Shish taouk and shish kebab though flavorful and delicious we found it a little too dry for our liking. The platter also comes with some lovely crispy fries and bread as well.


12. Kebab Joojeh: An Iranian origin kebab joojeh consists of deliciously marinated pieces of chicken served on a bed of flavored Iranian rice. The chicken was so juicy and delectable, and complimented the rice served alongwith really well.



13. Kebab Sultan: As recommended by our server, this is of Turkish origin consisting of pieces of beef served on a bed of saffron rice. Once again the meat was delicious, tender and cooked to perfection.


14. Lamb chops: Quite a generous serving of chops. The lamb was juicy and tender and cooked to perfection. Recommend this to all the meatheads, this one is sure to please.


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15. Umm Ali: This was such a warm homely dessert. It’s served with some warm milk that has to be poured over a bread based pudding that’s garnished with sliced almonds. It was sweet, milky and crunchy because of the nuts. An absolute favourite of ours.


16. Cheese Konafa: One can’t simply end the meal without an authentic Arabic dessert. So that’s why we went for this delicious looking cheese kunafa. It was as good as it looked but if we had to pick at something we would say that it ended up being a little too sweet because of the generous layer of syrup on top.



The service here was impeccable! The staff were all so friendly and courteous. An extra shout out to our server Jasmine for making us feel relaxed and comfortable, we truly enjoyed our time here.


Cash Outflow:
The serving portions are quite generous for the money charged. All in all, this place is a real steal. We can guarantee you can leave the restaurant with a full stomach and still have your wallet intact.


For more details on the menu, visit Baydar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
Of course! We loved everything about this place from the hospitality we received to the lovely aromatic food served there. Another trip is definitely in our cards!

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