A quaint little cafe with Greek treats in store!

We happened to come across this beautiful quaint outlet as we were strolling through Al Barsha Mall. Being the season of celebration with Christmas round the corner, the outlet was decorated so wonderfully that we HAD to go in and get a few shots of the well thought out interiors.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

You can only imagine how well done the interiors of this small cafe was, so good that only a passing glance was enough to convince us to go in. They had quaint wooden furniture for the tables and chairs. The entire outlet was decorated in Christmas decorations and traditional colors of green, red and white. Along with serving the purpose of a restaurant, this outlet also sells lots of Greek goodies. So traditional authentic Greek food and snacks are available here and that includes lots of bottles of olive oil as well!

Brownie Points


Bite Board:

1. Kunafa Cheesecake : This was a rather interesting mix, as you have the traditional Arabic sweet of Kunafa and a Cheesecake! We dug our spoons in and noticed it had a soft creamy exterior and the taste was quite impressive. However us not particularly fans of combining the two popular desserts probably wouldn’t go for this choice again.


2. Orange Tart : This one we were rather skeptical about at the time of placing the order, however, when we got to try it out, we were oh so glad we made this choice! This tart had a soft crunchy tart exterior with a tangy filling inside. It was nothing short of delectable! A sure order for anyone visiting this outlet.


3. Chocolate Cake : The Chocolate cake was predominantly dark chocolate, with a heavy concentrated thick chocolate hard filling inside. We loved the taste of it (obviously, it was chocolate) but after a couple of spoons we found it a bit too heavy. Overall, good to share between two.


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Have a little piece of #Greece on your plate at @littlegreeceuae. Do check out their lovely interiors and while you're there order yourself a couple slices of some Greek inspired delicacies from the citrusy orange tart to the sinfully decadent chocolate cake and not to forget their #delicious kunafa cheesecake and while you wait, do check out their lovely woodsy interiors. But that's not it. This tiny little Greek haven is filled with crispies, pastry, olive oils etc all brought down from Greece. Its definitely worth a visit during the #weekend out. . . . . . . #chocolatecake #kunafacheesecake #orangetart #littlegreece #barshamall #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #buzzfeedfood #chocoholics #coldturkeydxb #dessertgram #dubaiinfluencers #dubaipr #dubaibloggers #desserttable #eeeeeats #foodofdubai #foodbloggers #grabbd #honor7 #instalike #insydodubai #maxfoodshot #shotoniphone #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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The service was very good. The owner herself was at the counter and introduced us to some authentic Greek food that they offered. She even gave us a complimentary slice of cheesecake, which we truly appreciated! The staff was also very helpful and courteous.

Cash Outflow:
Worth the buck!


For more details about the menu, visit Little Greece Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
For some authentic Greek snacks and desserts this would definitely be a great place to visit!

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