A quaint little hidden gem offering the best of Italian cuisine.

We were invited by the lovely restaurant for a tasting session and review.

Rating: 8.5 Golden Nuggets

The ambience at Red Tomato is absolutely beautiful! As you push past their heavy white wooden framed doors, you walk into the quaint and rustic interiors of the restaurant. The furniture is very old English style chairs and tables. The walls are adorned with many vintage framed pictures and mirrors. The walls are a moldy white wallpaper like texture which gives a very vintage classic feel to the restaurant. We especially liked the lighting of the restaurant, which was very dim and intimate, a perfect setting for date nights and small gatherings.



Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating

Bite Board


1. Passion Fruit Mojito: A lovely tall glass of some fresh passion fruit with a mix of mint and lemon. To be honest we’ve never had a Mojito as good as this. It was fresh and full of flavor. The only negative was that there was too much crushed ice in our drink and after a while it gets too diluted which became quite unpleasant to drink.


2. Fresh Lime and Mint Mojito: This drink was very refreshing. Great presentation. However, we did find it a tad bit too sour, maybe it was too much lime, and hence wasn’t a hit with us.


3. Mango Tango: A glass of mango juice which is sugar free but we would have liked the sugar along with it, since that was the only thing lacking.



1. Pink Penne Pasta : We LOVED this pasta. It was one of the best pastas we’ve had in town and definitely will make it to the top ten list of best pink penne pastas in town. What made it so great? Well, the pasta was perfectly al dente, the pink sauce was a beautiful creamy pink thick sauce, which was perfectly seasoned with Italian herbs. Our favorite dish, a full 10/10.


2. Habanero Pizza (Chef Special): A bed of thin pizza crust layered with olive oil, chicken pieces, mozzarella cheese and garnished with fiery cherry red bell peppers. We found that the oil used was a bit much and was dripping off the pizza. We would have preferred a tomato base along with the cheese. The chicken was tender and cooked well. Warning to the non-spice foodies, this is not something that could be handled by all. This one is meant for the crazy spice lovers who can take on the heat on its maximum scale. Our advice will be to pair this pizza with a passion fruit mojito which will give a balance to your palate for those who would like to try and are not too keen on the spice.



1. Tiramisu : This dessert was a gift from the heavens, and nothing short of it. A generous helping of Tiramisu was served to us, good for atleast 3 people to share, this dessert was a performance of flavors and textures. Soft velvety cake, sandwiched between a light fluffy white cream and coffee dusted layer. One of the best Tiramisus we’ve had in town.


2. Chocolate Fondant : A classic favorite of course. This was a delicious hot soft chocolately cake, which cracks open to reveal the, very familiar, oozing hot chocolate sauce. Served with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream, this dessert leaves a smile on your face, along with a little chocolate too!


We were offered good service. The staff was friendly and attentive to our needs. The orders also came in good time.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are fair given the quantity of the food.


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Circling Back:
Definitely! A definite visit will be made again for that pink pretty pasta!

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