A hidden gem unveiled in Sharjah! A fusion of American, Mexican and Spanish.

We had our eyes on this place for a long time, and after being such an Insta-worthy place how could we miss it. So on a weekend we decided to go for a late lunch along with our blogger friends.

Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets

We were awed by the detail on the decor, the dark colors giving the tribal feel, wooden panels which gave such a luxurious vibe. To enjoy the dim lighting and the fabulous work done, an evening visit would be best, so as to enjoy the decor and lighting to its fullest. The comfy gazebo style seating was our choice but you also have the regular dining tables too. Extra points from us for playing our favorite tracks!

Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly

Bite Board

We were offered the Journey menu which was a compilation of the best sellers! So let’s dive in to how our time went by. We began with our favorite Mojitos!



1. Classic Mojito: This was one of the best ones amongst all of them. It was fresh and a perfect thirst quencher to wipe off all the food.

2. Passion Fruit Mojito: Another hit, the seeds did all the magic and the drink hit all the right notes with the sweetness. So this was another winner for us.


3. Strawberry Mojito: This did not match our expectations because of the excessive ginger ale used which overpowered the whole drink.




1. Watermelon: This was our first time trying a salad with a fruit and it was AHMAZING! We loved how well the ingredients complemented each other especially the goat cheese and watermelon!


2. The Cuban: Something different from your typical caesar salad. This one was loaded with crispy bites of tender chicken, a variety of assorted cabbages and noodles.



1. Rocket Shrimps: A mini Burj Khalifa built with rice noodles, root vegetables and a treasure at the foundation consisting of shrimps cooked to perfection. This was a winner for all the seafood lovers or not, a must try and you will thank us later.


2. Matchstick Fries: A mason jar loaded with cheese, flaming cheetos, jalapeños, and crispy beets. This dish usually has beef added to it but since we had vegetarian partners along with us we opted to have it without the meat. It was a hit and got over in no time!

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One of our most favorite ❤️ ingredients… ANY guesses?? Yes, none other than the #cheese that you see overflowing 😍🤤. Featuring ‘Matchstick Fries’ 🍟 the best seller of the ‘Journey Menu’. It has cheetos, jalapeños and chili 🌶 to ramp up the spice, cheese and crispy beets to balance the scale of the dish. It is normally served with beef but we had the vegetarian version of it and still tasted superb! A must have for all cheesy fries lovers. Thank you 🧡 @crisol.ae for hosting us and giving us a variety of scrumptious dishes! . . . . . . #matchstickfries #spicyfries #crisol #bloggersmeet #buzzfeedfood #beautifulcuisines #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaitastes #dubaibloggers #eeeeeats #eatoutdxb #foodbloggers #f52grams #instalike #maxfoodshot #sharjahuniversitycity #sharjahbloggers #sharjahfood #thescrumptiousscavengers #visitsharjah #zomato #zomatouae #mysharjah

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3. Trash Can Nachos: Now, do not obsess with the name, just go ahead and give it a shot! We guarantee that you would love it, if nachos, cheese and chicken are your favorite ingredients. Do not wait too long to capture this masterpiece otherwise you will miss out on that cheese oozing! That’s what happened in our case, either way it was another delicious dish in our books.


4. Texas Fried Chicken: Tender bites of crisp chunky chicken made to perfection. These come along with BBQ dip which is one of our favorite sauces.



We were a fan of all the starters, choose anything and you will not make a wrong decision!


1. Spicy Beef Tacos: All we want to eat are these tacos with or preferably without anyone since sharing is caring concept does not applied to these yummers! Listen up all jalapeño lovers, you have a new place to get your tacos now. We loved how well the crunch, spice and meat went perfectly well.


2. Dangerous: Two pieces of chicken sliders. Unfortunately, we were not able to try them. Something for our next visit.


3. Sand Blaster: Beef Sliders that will make you create a happy bubble for you. The beef patty was juicy, soaked up the cheddar cheese and made it flavorful. For all the meat lovers, a must try!


4. Mushroom Farfalle: Since we had our vegetarian partners with not much choice available from the set menu. We were allowed to order something from the regular menu instead. So, we got to try this creamy pasta that was prepared well. It was wiped clean in no time.




1. Crisol Hit: The name does complete justice to the dish as well. It is a hit in all aspects. Basically, you have to hit the chocolate layer at the top to uncover the ice-cream and the chocolate that will ooze out! Chocoholic alert, a must have for those who claim to be chocolate addicts.


2. Lotus Pancake: We have lotus to tell about this stack of goodness. The pancakes were soft, fluffy and moist that made us instantly fans of them. These were one of the best we have had so far. The lotus sauce was generously drizzled and topped with a lotus biscuit.


3. Classic Les Treches: Vanilla milk cake that was perfectly soft, light and had the spongy texture. The whipped cream and the strawberry topping made it cherry on top saying true with this one. We have recently joined the milk cake craze bandwagon and would include this cake to be definitely tried as well.


The service was top-notch! We had our servers explaining each of the dish that was brought to our table. Kudos to the team for giving us such a wonderful time!

Cash Outflow:
They are reasonable at its best! The prices completely warrant for the generous quantity and impeccable quality offered.


For more details about the menu, visit Crisol Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
Of course, we have this listed as one of the favorites, that we would love to keep going back to!

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