A great place with views for shisha and food!

This was our second visit and we decided to have lunch with a group foodies with our host Anum. We had previously ventured by ourselves during the evening to enjoy some Shisha and try out the food too.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Nurai is a great place for family, friends and even colleagues for an office lunch/dinner. The place has an elegant yet comfortable vibe to it. The interiors are beautifully decked up with good lighting and uniquely arranged seating.

Nurai means white moon in Turkish which is also the inspiration for their interiors. The restaurant on the inside is so aesthetically beautiful that its definite must visit spot for all those looking for a food experience rather than just a dine in. They have an outdoor seating area as well which is wonderful to just relax and unwind with shisha and enjoy the views of Burj Khalifa at back and the canal waters in front of you.




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Nurai_Pacific Ocean

1. Pacific Ocean: The name is what intrigued us and what arrived was a total game changer from our expectations. We were expection a passion fruit mocktail, nonetheless it was a vibrant and refreshing drink.


2. Cold Mezze: We got the classic hummus and mutabal served with fresh bread. Both had the right texture and tasted amazing.

Nurai_Batata Harra

3. Batata Harra: Crispy pan fried potatoes. This was a miss for us since it was a bit too sour for our tastebuds.

Nurai_Zaatar and Labneh

4. Zaatar with Labneh: This is a new dish on the menu. Definitely perfect for those who love the combination of zaatar and labneh. We are not fans of Zaatar so it was a miss for us, that saying it was well presented on a platter served with olive oil and veggies on the side.

Nurai_Vegetable Pizza

5. Vegetable Pizza: Italian styled thin crust pizza loaded with cheeese and veggies making it colorful and delicious.


1. Hot Chocolate [AED 19]: We were disappointed with the drink because it felt like flavored milk and not the regular thick chocolate texture that we prefer.


2. Mexican Pizza [AED 54]: This was our favorite and recommended to try out. A thin crust pizza with a layer BBQ and cajun sauce, lots of cheddar and mozzarella cheese evenly spread out, chicken strips that were prepared well and jalapeƱos and black olives garnished to add in that extra spice. It will bring out the fire level on top with this dish.


3. Shawarma Platter [AED 38]: Small portion of chicken wrapped in Arabic bread served along with garlic dip, fries and pickles. We found it to be average because we have had better ones and this one here did not match our expectations. The chicken was a bit dry, but here the fries did a great job to pull the dish back by being crisp and well prepared.


4. Labneh and Zaatar Manakish [AED 12]: We decided to try half and half with the manakish. The manakish was soft but we felt that the zaatar was too overpowering. We would have preferred if there was more cheese added so it would have a nice balance. We realized we are not fans of Labneh because it being too sour for our taste.


5. Chocolate Fondant [AED 30]: A dark chocolate cake topped with a raspberry served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. This would have been better if a small portion of milk chocolate would have been added as it was way too bitter. For those who love the dark chocolate with more cocoa, this might suit your taste.


During the lunch, the service was top notch, all the servers were friendly and made sure we had a great time.

First Visit: This area needs some improvement, as there was only one person attending the outdoor area which could get a bit tough and pressurizing. Overall, it was a bit slow but they took care of all what we required.

Cash Outflow:
Considering the area, the pricing seems to be matching the higher scale.


Circling Back:
We would definitely add this to our list for good shisha place.

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