A funky beach side burger joint that serves some real juicy drool worthy burgers and it doesn’t stop there! Have a go at their shakes and fries along with those burgers as well.

We had won a voucher through a giveaway held by Dubaitastes and since everyone was raving about their juicy burgers we were really excited about this one. It is located at the Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim, Dubai. Watch out for the parking which was quite a task for us.

Ratings: 8 Golden Nuggets

Without a doubt, one of the best places to unwind and chill with a bunch of friends. 25 55 are actually coordinates but that’s not all, it’s also another gem on our map. The place has an amazing vibe.

With the beach right in front, you get to enjoy the lovely breeze, the amazing view and the sunshine beneath the colourful umbrellas set up. They have a lovely pebbled pathway leading upto the shack where you get to place your order. The fact that they only have outdoor seating isn’t much of a concern cause, hey! You’re at the beach.

The seats are colourful and well arranged. Not to forget they have bean bags too! In the evening, the whole place is lit up taking the lifting ambience to a whole new level. It’s a lovely place to relax and we do recommend visiting it.

Brownie Points:

Outdoor Seating
Beach Access
Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

1. Pink Lemonade [AED 10]: A lovely pink drink that looked great! But if you ask us how it was well erm… definitely not something we’d order again. The drink was rather sour and had a strange after taste to it. Two sips in and we knew we were done. We were quite disappointed with this one.


2. Lemonade [AED 10]: The one without the pink but a much better tasting drink in comparison. Still a little sour for our taste but nonetheless it was quite refreshing to have along with the fries and burgers.


3. Cheez Fries [AED 10]: This one is for the vegetarians as most their menu comprises of non vegetarian items. A classic combination of fries and truck loads of cheese! We love cheese and when it’s with some yummy crispy fries it’s a match made in heaven. Definitely worth the buck!

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Aren’t those fries 🍟 tempting? Here we are enjoying the weather at @kitebeachdubai before the year ends! Presenting the ‘Flame Cheez Fries’ 🔥🍟 [AED 15] and ‘Cheez Fries’ 🧀🍟 [AED 10]. We of course loved ❤️ both of them but our preference would be the #flaming ones because of the those fiery 🌶jalapeños being our favorite ingredient to bring up the spice game. Thank you @dubaitastes 💞 for giving us the chance to visit @25__55 and have a wonderful time! . . . . . . #flamecheezfries #cheezfries #25__55 #kitebeach #downtowndubai #adfluencers #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #buzzfeedfood #coldturkeydxb #dxbrestaurants #dubaitastes #dubaibloggers #dubaibeaches #eatoutdxb #feedfeed #foodbloggers #friesbeforeguys #instalike #thescrumptiousscavengers #timeoutdubai #uaebloggers #whatsondubai #zomato #zomatouae #mydubai

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4. Flame Cheez Fries [AED 15]: The same as the Cheez Fries but with meat, yummy jalapenos and an extra spicy sauce all over! We go all in on the spice and this one did just that. This one is easily one of our favorite fries to eat because obviously they had us at cheese.

5. Volcano Slider [AED 30]: We were guessing this one would come in a black bun but unfortunately for us that is another burger. The volcano slider is served in twos. It has a beef patty which is so juicy and delicious. The sauces used added the right amount of spiciness. The bread was soft and wasn’t crumbly and along with the meat, cheese, sauces and greens this one definitely packs a punch.


6. L.A. Hot dog [AED 20]: This one is a meat overload! A chicken hotdog stuffed with lots of bacon strips and grilled onions YUM! It’s every meat lover’s dream. The bread was soft and the meat wasn’t too dry or chewy on the contrary it was juicy and delicious. A full score for this one!


It’s a self service joint where they hand you a buzzer once you’re done ordering. The staff were amicable and friendly.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are quite affordable for the area in which the restaurant is located. As for the serving sizes it’s an absolute value for money.


For more details about the menu, visit 25"55 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
Yes. We have to try their black burger and the shakes too so consider us back there sometime soon!

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