A fusion cafe bringing you the world’s best caffeine!

After seeing and hearing so much about the place, we decided to give it a try and see whether it is worth the hype or not.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Outdoor seating check, winter weather check, beautiful sea view check! If you are a person who enjoys all these three things then you have to make your way to the new project ready near Palm Deira.



The Waterfront Market is an upcoming project with lots of shopping options to get fresh fish, meat, dry fruits and while you’re there explore some of the new cafes that overlook the creek as well. The Waterfront Market will definitely be the new hub in town soon where you can shop and also relish the waterside dining concept.

Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating
Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

1. Hot Chocolate [Large – AED 13]: The chocolatiest hot chocolate we have had and a sure entry in our list of best hot chocolate’s one must try, this mug of chocolate goodness had us wanting to order more and a total steal for the quantity given to us. Topped with creamy foam and the taste of melted Nutella, at the end all we had was chocolate on our minds.


2. Signature Coffeetea [AED 15]: The hype definitely lives up with this drink. The owner mentioned that it took over two years to come up with in order to get the perfect balance between both coffee and tea. It also includes a blend of seven spices as well. We loved how distinct the different layers of tea, coffee and foam were which was later garnished with the spice. With our first sip, we got both the tea and the coffee which made us relish the drink.




So for all those who always wanted to try mixing their tea and coffee together, you just need to visit coffee tea to try it out instead of making your own experiments because they have made a successful one.

3. Honey Chicken Wrap w/ Paprika Fries [AED 14 + 5]: The wrap did not meet our expectations because of the way it was made. We would have preferred if the honey chicken and the veggies were mixed together rather than each just being filled in on one side itself. The paprika fries are a nice combination with the paprika mayo served along with it. Both being spicy made it the perfect combination.




4. Oreo Parfait [AED 18]: A true indulgence for oreo and cheese lovers. A base of cream cheese sandwiched with oreo crumbles and topped of with generous serving of whipped cream and a layer of caramel sauce to sweeten the deal. All the ingredients complement each other not overpowering any one flavor. Even though we’re not fans of cream cheese in desserts, this one here changed our thoughts.


Our server Jade did a wonderful job of attending us. He made sure to explain all about the teas and and the fusion food they have on the menu.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are very reasonable and can easily be tried for someone who is on a budget as well.


For more details, visit Coffeetea Fusion Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
We definitely would come back for another round of the signature coffee tea as well as the scrumptious hot chocolate.

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