Want some good grills and healthy options then your choice should be Kababji.

We hosted a bloggers meet to try out some amazing grill options and authentic Lebanese cuisine being offered.


Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets

The Kabaji Grill outlet located at Business Bay has limited seating indoors and it’s main seating area is located outdoors.

It’s a great place for a casual dine-in with the family or friends. When the weather is in your favour, it’s a nice spot to unwind and enjoy some delicious grills.

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1. Lemonade and Pineapple: The lemonade was far too sour for our liking and the fresh pineapple juice was too watery and we’re sort of doubtful whether it was actually fresh to begin with.


What was supposed to act as refreshing thirst quenchers turned out to be anything but that. Quite a disappointment especially for the value its priced at.

2. Orange: The juice was fresh, with pulp and made a refreshing drink to enjoy the meal with.



1. Fattouch [AED 25]: Fresh, light and with crispy wafers, this is one dish you must have with your heavy meat grills. Drizzled with seasoning which made it a tad bit sour for our liking, this dish was devoured by us as soon as it hit the table.


2. Tabbouleh [AED 25]: Leafy greens served with a dash of tomato and seasoning, this traditional salad was a bit of a disappointment to us as it was way too sour to munch on as is, unlike its other counterpart the fattouch, which we loved.


3. Oriental Chicken Salad [AED 30]: A lovely assortment of fresh vegetables, greens and deliciously marinated well done pieces of chicken. The dressing for this salad was spot on. It’s light and tastes amazing! Perfect for those weights watchers.




1. Cheese Rkakat [AED 16 – 3 pieces]: This dish was the highlight for everyone. Warm cheese spring rolls oozing with cheese that melts in your mouth with each bite. They got over in no time which is always a sign of the best dishes.


2. Hummus, Meat and Pine Nuts [AED 39]: Heading to a Lebanese joint and not trying the hummus is just not possible! This was the classic blend of chickpeas and tahini drizzled with lemon juice and garnished with pine nuts. We didn’t find much pieces in the dish though which was kind of a let down.

Promoting their healthy lifestyle, Kababji offers you the choice of white or brown Arabic bread to along with the hummus. So if you are counting the calories you could always ask for the brown bread as well.


3. Moutabal Eggplant [AED 24]: A must have at every Lebanese joint. This lovely dip was perfect in all aspects. From the flawless blend of the charred eggplant to the smooth creamy texture of it, this one checked all our boxes. Definitely worth a round two!


4. Warak Inab [AED 28]: This dish serves a plate of 4 grape leaves rolls stuffed with rice and herbs. They are served cold and have a very strong flavour. We weren’t fond of this dish but those who like rolled up stuffed grape leaves can surely give this a try.


5. Arayees [AED 37]: Another favourite of ours amongst the Lebanese specialities. They are basically bread (homemade) stuffed with a mix of ground meat, tomatoes and some dressing. This one was delicious! It was cooked perfectly and the meat was quite flavorful.



1. Shish Taouk Platter [AED 54]: Boneless chunks of juicy meat that are well marinated. Usually what we come across is really hard pieces of meat but this wasn’t the case here which made us enjoy the meat a lot better.


2. Kabab Khachkhach Platter [AED 54]: Two pieces of grilled beef and lamb mince combined with in-house spices and parsley served over a bed of tomatoes. This was an unique combination we tried for the first and definitely liked it. The meat was juicy and cooked well.


3. Lamb Cutlets [AED 83]: The lamb chops were char grilled and cooked well. They were tender but would have tasted much better when arrived and steaming hot. None the less we still enjoyed it.




1. Mouhalabieh [AED 17]: Another Lebanese delicacy. This is a very light dessert that is easy on the sweetness. It was our favourite among the desserts tried there. It had a soft and smooth texture and a garnish of a generous amount of crushed pistachios. There’s nothing that could go wrong here.

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Mouhalabieh is an authentic #Lebanese sweet which is a milk pudding garnished with nuts. The texture is very light and melts in your mouth. Another plus point is that it is not overly sweet which makes it a dessert for everyone to try out. The pistachio topping complemented the dessert really well. This was a perfect ending to our #bloggersmeet @kababjiuae with the hearty meal of grills that we gobbled up for #lunch! Thank you @azia_anzia @fooduetto @hemangiramani @hangoutwithhani and @shabosphere for making it a success ❤️! . . . . . . #mouhalabieh #kababjiuae #lebanesedessert #businessbayavenue #downtowndubai #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #buzzfeedfood #coldturkeydxb #dessertgram #desserttable #dubaiinfluencers #dubaipr #dubaibloggers #eeeeeats #foodofdubai #foodbloggers #grabbd #honor7 #instalike #insydodubai #localguides #maxfoodshot #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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2. Tamrieh [AED 20]: Light and crunchy fried thin pastry that are stuffed with semolina pudding. It’s served hot so that the crunch of the pastry is still intact. Again this one wasn’t too sweet either. And overall it tasted quite average.


3. Dibs El Kharroub [AED 26]: A traditional healthy dessert straight from Lebanon. This one here is a Ka’ak with stuffed banana served along with date syrup. It was not to sweet but we not being fans of banana in our dessert did not like it that much.


Anouar did great job of explaining all the dishes and attending to us.

Cash Outflow:
For the quantity being offered, we did feel that the price range is on a higher scale.


For more details about the menu, visit Kababji Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
For those delicious cheese rkakats we might come over again!

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