A three in one outlet where you can buy products, learn to cook and dine in for some delicious Italian delicacies.

We had the chance for a tasting in the Dubai Mall outlet along with our blogger friends Fooduetto and Hemangi. So we, headed to have a hearty lunch on a weekday.

Upon entering we were greeted by a chocolate paradise which is one of the restaurants included in the same space. Brightly light and having food quotes on the wall as well as open glass kitchen to view your dishes being prepared first hand was a winner for us.


They do have a well spaced out seating area, as well as a bakery on one end and cooking classes held once a week right in front of that, giving us a view of how that is conducted by a head chef.


Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

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Pronto – Buy Fast Eat Slow

Now you are able to get sandwiches, salads and pre-cooked meals! So less time to eat Eataly has got you covered.





1. Apple Mint Splash [AED 31]: This was a refreshing drink with the green apple and lime taste but the soda was a bit excessively used drowning the flavor of the fruits.

2. Strawberry and Watermelon Martini [AED 31]: This drink was frutiliciously sweet with the strawberries and watermelon cubes that were fresh!

3. Passion Fruit Mojito [AED 34]: One of the best mojitos we have tasted, it was a total refresher for us and wasn’t too overpowering with the essence either. Only thing that let us down was, after a while the drink turned very sour and had more of a lemon taste than passionfruit.

4. Virgin Mojito [AED 32]: This drink was too sour for us to have and disappointed us as it had more taste of lime and no taste of mint whatsoever and had more of essence taste as well.


1. Bresaola, Parmigiano E Rucola [AED 61]: A cheesy salad with beef bresaola and wild rocket leaves dressed with olive oil. This was really appetizing since we are a fan of beef and rocket leaves it was a delicious start for us.

2. Antipasti Selection [AED 104]: This is new on the menu and a platter with a variety of dishes. The platter includes calamari rings, potato wafers, beef bresaola wrapped with crackers, mozzarella bites, wild rocket leaves and arancini balls.


The calamari rings were crisp and tasted amazing!

The mozzarella bites were soft and delectable, small bites of pleasure.

The arancini balls had a beef stuffing wrapped in cheese and saffron rice. The saffron didn’t overpower and the crunch in the bowls made for a good appetizer.


1. Salmon with Avocado Salad [AED 62]: Smoked salmon and avocado salad with cherry tomato, cucumber, and green apple dressed with lemon juice. The dressing had made it a bit salty to eat.



1. Braised Lamb [AED 121]: Have you every tried an amazingly cooked lamb and felt that you’re enjoying a home made meal. Thats what our reaction was with every bite of the succulent lamb, the deliciously well prepared gravy that never stopped tantalizing our taste buds.

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Fancy an #indulgent lunch? Then keep @eatalyarabia as your first choice. Presenting this beastly beauty 😍 ‘Agnello Brasato’ 🍖 [AED 121]. A lamb shank with #falling-off-the-bone texture served along with appetizing mashed potatoes and drizzled with homemade signature sauce. The meat was tender and complemented the mashed potatoes 🥔 that were cooked to perfection. The gravy added a spicy 🌶 touch to the dish which made it even better for us. Model: @rtferns_101 . . . . . . #agnellobrasato #lambshank #signaturegravy #mashedpotatoes #eatalyarabia #dubaimall #downtowndubai #buzzfeedfood #coldturkeydxb #dubaifoodie #dubaipr #dubaibloggers #dubaiinfluencers #foodbloggers #grabbd #insydodubai #instalike #localguides #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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To tempt us even more, it was surrounded with yummy mashed potato and grilled mushrooms, a combination which we have never tasted before and couldn’t resist ourselves and gobbled it down to soon.

2. Milanese Veal Shank [AED 131]: The baby veal shank was the another addition to our favorites due to the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The dish had an appealing effect because of the appetizing bed of saffron risotto and a side of gremolata. We were fans of dish with how the meat was super juicy and tender and was a perfect match to the risotto.


Everyone who is a veal fan would definitely fall in love with this dish.


1. Italian Feast [AED 209]: Indeed a feast offered on a wooden platter. Firstly, we were served with a thin crust vegetarian pizza having zucchini, grilled mushrooms, tomato and bell pepper, which tasted fabulous but found it a bit sweet.


Secondly, the Penne Arrabiata, which we found a bit undercooked, and mushroom and pine seeds risotto, which was perfectly cooked and tasted well served along with mashed potato as a base, were served in a crispy wheat cracker edible bowl.



Lastly, it was accompanied by some crispy potato chips, garlic and salsa dip, and mozzarella cheese balls, which were a salty finish to our sweet and sour Italian dream dishes.


1. Cheesecake [AED 20]: A classic cheesecake made with a biscuit base, cream cheese and topped with strawberry gelatin. We found the gelatin a bit too overpowering to enjoy the cheesecake.


2. Diplomatico [AED 20]: A crunchy pastry sandwiched with custard and whipped cream and garnished with icing sugar and a raspberry. We found this a bit too dry.


3. Tiramusu [AED 20]: A creamy layer topped with dark chocolate! We enjoyed this being fans of dark chocolate.


4. Nutella Waffle [AED 23]: A soft waffle with a generous topping of Nutella. We usually prefer, the crunchy ones but this was a good choice nonetheless. It was a fight to get the last bite which can pretty much tell how much we liked it.


5. Nutella Crepe [AED 23]: Anything that has nutella and we are sold. This crepe was no different, the nutella was evenly spread and covered all corners. Another hit in the dessert department for us. Definitely recommended for all the chocoholics to try.


6. Bacio Di Dama [AED 20]: A hazelnut cookie sandwiched with nutella. This was pretty dry, maybe chunks of hazelnut might make it taste better.


We were attended by the Branch Manager herself and we were impressed with her work. She made sure that all our needs were attended and also gave her thoughts on the best dishes that we should try out.

Cash Outflow:
For the quality being offered and the location, the pricing seems to be just fitting the range.


For more details about the menu, visit Eataly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
For those nutella deserts, we will definitely come back soon!

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