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We were invited by the marketing firm, Qcomm for a tasting in the Dubai Mall branch on a weekend.

The outlet we were invited to was located in the Dubai Mall food court. Since it was a weekend, it was all hustle and bustle, with most places taken. A crowded foodcourt is what you should expect when you head to Dubai Mall on any Saturday.

Rating: 6 Golden Nuggets

Insider Info

The event was catering to the loyal customers of Shamiana who were part of the loyalty programme called Gastronaut.

The programme has been a successful Venture that was started last year, and now has 180,000 members part of it.

The best part is that, there is no virtual app or extra hassles to enjoy the loyalty reward benefits. Just sign up with your mobile number and you are good to go. So for anyone who spends at any Shamiana outlet anywhere in Dubai and all you have to do is give your mobile number, you are entitled to the points with their purchase as well. Isn’t that just great benefits at both ends!

Brownie Points

Kid Friendly

Bite Board:

Shamiana launched a new menu introducing sliders with three options that included a chicken slider, aloo tikki slider and corn and spinach slider.


Also, a deal was provided with the Purchase the sliders, as an add on you get yourself a karak chai.

3 Vegetable Sliders [AED 12] + 1 = Sliders and Karak Chai
3 Non-veg Sliders [AED 13] +1 = Sliders and Karak Chai

The chai by itself costs AED 4.

1. Pani Puri: A plate of six thick puris, filling of mashed potatoes and moong served with a side of spicy and sweet chutneys. For those who prefer making them DIY would enjoy this. However, since we prefer the thinner version which just bursts with flavor in your mouth we found them just okay.


2. Raj Kachori: Quite different from the Raj Kachori we have tasted, usual one having a potato and sprouts filling. This famous street dish had a massive oval-shaped fried wheatflour puri which had a filling of fried dal vadas, sprouts and huge amounts of curd, spicy green and sweet red chutney topped with coriander and sev. This version was heavy and with a lot of curd making it an average dish for us.


3. Dahi Puri: These were soggy and drowned with so much yogurt that you could not taste the puri itself. For those who love the overdose of yogurt, you will like these better. If, the yoghurt is reduced this could turn out to be a better dish.


4. Sliders: All the sliders tasted average. A nice addition to the menu but still needs to be worked on in terms of flavor. All three patties were crisp, which we liked but everyone’s common ingredient was mashed potato which might have pulled out the WOW factor for them.

The aloo tikki slider had pepper ingrained which we were not a fan of, we thought instead pepper powder would have been a better option to bring in the spice flavor.


The corn and spinach slider had more of corn and potato with no signs of spinach in the picture. Hence, this was another disappointment for us.

The chicken slider was cooked well and tasted okay, we have had better ones before.

5. Sweet Lassi: This was a refreshing drink, only thing we didn’t like about it was the elaichi in it. Other than that, it was a good drink.

6. Salted Lassi: This would have passed the test only if the salt was not excessively used. We could not consume it because of too much salt.


7. Lemon Mint: This was completely unbalanced drink, it was more of a mint leaf drink rather than the combination. There was no flavor or taste of lemon whatsoever. Also, with time the drink changed its color as well for which no warning was given beforehand. Hence, we would recommend not to try this drink out.

8. Mango Lassi: Lassi was pretty good! It had a sweet balance of the mango flavor. Tasted fresh and delicious. Would be a good choice when making a visit here.

9. Vegetable Platter: This was a plate combining the best vegetable grills available. It included, corn seekh kebab, hariyali kebab, and paneer tikka.

The best was the hariyali kebab Kebab that was cooked to perfection and had that yummy burnt flavor that made us hungry for more.

The paneer was soft but bland, seemed liked the marination was just coloring and did not blend well with the dish.

Corn Seekh Kebab would have been better had the corn been cooked well. In our case the corn was undercooked and we thought if there was cheese added to the dish it would have been a lot better. So this would be another miss for us.

10. Non-veg Grill Platter: A combination of different chicken tikkas. The plate had chicken tikka, malai chicken, lasooni chicken, reshmi chicken and methi chicken.


The best of the lot would be the reshmi chicken which was a saffron flavored dish that gave it the sweet and sour taste but not overpowering the saffron flavor which happens in most cases. The chicken was well marinated and prepared well.

The garlic chicken was prepared well but had too much of a garlic taste which we’re not fond of. But maybe, those who prefer garlic flavored dishes might take a liking towards it.

Malai chicken was missing the buttery, creamy flavor we are usually used to. We have had better ones before.

Chicken tikka and Methi chicken were okay as well. We have had better grills at other places so we do have real high expectations.

11. Garlic Naan: We had ordered for garlic naan along with our veg and non-veg platters but that never made an appearance. What we got was just plain naan, that got hard very quickly and had the rubbery texture which were not fond of.

We had the marketing manager Nihal attending us and provided us with the best service even with the massive crowd during the lunch time.

We also, met the head chef Pankaj was getting the feedback about the food from everyone personally. We thought this was a nice way of getting to know the thoughts from the regular customers and including them in creating more dishes for the future.


Cash Outflow:
For the quantity we found the pricing was a tad bit high.


For more details, about the menu visit Shamiana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We might make another visit, sometime in the future.

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