A funky futuristic shisha and seafood joint with extraordinary presentation of food and drinks, or even the shisha for that matter!

We were invited by the restaurant for a tasting session.

The restaurant is located in Karama, in the Zomorodah building. From outside you can’t really see much, but on entering the building we noticed the expanse of the restaurant inside. Decorated in a futuristic setting, amplified by the seating style and neon lights, this restaurant, at 7pm, was already building up the vibe for the night. Inside, they had multiple screens on the walls for sports, they also had drawers for all the tables, pulling which when pulled out reveals a bunch of board games and playing cards. The music was a bit uncertain, kept fluctuating between loud dance techno music to Arabic dance music and even bollywood soft music. Seemed like they wanted to appeal to all groups and everyone.


The lighting was quite interesting here. All the overhead and side lights were neon, and they keep changing colors every 5-10 minutes.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points

Sports screening
Shisha Hangout

Bite Board

1. Smoky Exotic Shake: The first thing that catches your eye about this drink is the insane presentation! The drink is served in what looks like something from a laboratory, which made our experience more enjoyable. The drink as it is was quite delicious. A little thick in texture made it quite filling, so it’s definitely not a good idea to have this before stuffing yourself with a whole lot of food because this one drink is enough to make you feel full. The main ingredients in this is strawberry and banana, the taste together was fabulous, we really did enjoy it.


2. Smoko Orange Treasure: This fantabulous creation is a new addition on the Smoqoholic menu. It’s a delicious blend of Orange and Carrot juice with mint and served with crushed ice! We loved this drink, the taste was superb and the presentation was quite interesting! Unlike the thick texture of the previous drink, this one complemented the meal rather than make us feel full and stuffed. So definitely this drink should be your first choice from the two.


3. BBQ Cheese Samosa [AED 20]: These delicate structures were beautifully cooked and handcrafted to perfection. We completely relished this dish, the samosa was bursting with that cheesy goodness and topped off with that yummy BBQ flavour.


4. Hara Bhara Kabab [AED 22]: A fried patty bursting with flavors with every bite! We also noticed a hint of cheese in it which made it taste delightful. Not too spicy and perfectly balanced is what makes this dish was worth the buck! The dish was served along with a papad cone salad. The presentation for this one was also amazing!

5. Wok Pepper Shrimp [AED 28]: This shrimp was wok tossed and had a slight glaze with sesame seed garnish. The flavor was quite good and the quantity was generous.


6. Mini Bun Trio [AED 24]: Creole stuffed mushroom chicken bun, blackened sesame chicken dumpling and chicken tikka bun. All the three buns were served up together like small sliders, of which one had a black bun. The buns were soft and the patties were flavourful and were accompanied by all the traditional slider ingredients inside, lettuce cheese etc.



7. Pasta Chef Secret [AED 24]: Here we could order our own ‘Make-your-own’ pasta! So we went ahead with our classic favorite, pink sauce penne pasta. The dish was served up in true Smoqoholic extravagance. First came a deep plate with a piece of toast and assorted garnish in the centre of the plate. Then came a small glass jar with the pasta and the sauce mixed together. So the server then assembled the pasta and vegetables in the deep plate and then served our plates. The pasta was cooked well and the sauces tasted delicious, perfectly seasoned.



8. Tiger Prawn Chimichuri [AED 32]: This was our favorite dish of the evening. A tikka like preparation of prawn meat served in generous quantity. We LOVED the spiciness of this dish, it was literally bursting with flavors. Very fresh and totally recommended.





1. Signature Smoqoholic Special: We were totally impressed, the shisha was smooth and very different from most we’ve seen around. The entire structure of the shisha is taken up a notch here, and you just have to see it to believe it. We also must point out that the prices here are one of the most reasonable for shisha we’ve come across.


2. Lemon & Mint: Again, smooth shisha with strong flavor.


Service was superb! We were greeted by the manager Mari, who was by our side throughout, helping us pick our dishes and giving us insight into their creative ideas and innovation. Even our server was so kind, helpful and extremely patient. We had such a pleasant experience.

Cash Outflow:
Reasonable prices for the quantity of food and presentation. Think, fancy place food in a more affordable setting!


For more details about the menu, visit Smoqoholic Seafood Restaurant & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
Definitely for the reasonable shisha, amazing drinks and the brilliant food.

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