All football and gaming addicts are welcome here!

We were invited for a tasting session and decided to try out the place for lunch.

The place is located in Sports Park which is newly opened up with a similar concept of Boxpark in Jumeirah. You have container interiors, park benches, and a football court right behind the area. A nice cozy place to chill and have a nice time, only thing is the travel to Ajman for it.

The new project by Madasar is off to a great start with some startups that seem to be gaining a lot attention. It’s completely Insta-worthy and we do suggest you to visit the place!


Tackle Shack is a cave for all the football fanatics. The décor and arrangements are all within the football theme itself and it’s an absolute delight to visit and munch on the fantastic foods served there. They also have famous footballers like Steven Gerrard, Robben autographed jerseys adorning the walls which embarrassingly brought out the giggly fan girl in us.



They have bar stool like seating on the ground floor and a much wider and spacious seating area on the top floor. The walls also have lovely quotes painted on them. For all the football freaks this place is a must! You’re surely in for a treat that’s not only limited to your belly but for the eyes too.


Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating
Kid Friendly

Bite Board


1. Lotus Biscoff [AED 17]: The perfect start, end drink or have it as the entire meal also is less to describe this earth shattering shake for us!! A semi thick shake entirely of the Lotus flavor and not too overpoweringly sweet. This is a must try for all those fans out there like us!

2. Classic Mojito [AED 16]: This was on point with the balance of lemon, soda and mint! A super refreshing drink that went along with our meal.

3. Layered Oreo [AED 17]: A must try here! Perfect texture wise that is it wasnt too thick nor was it too runny. Topped with a generous amount of oreo crumbles. We loved this shakes and for the price it’s a definite steal.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake [AED 19]: This was a miss for us! It had the right texture of a thick shake but sadly we could not taste the cheesecake flavor at all.


5. Strawberry Mojito [AED 16]: The mojito was quite good but not upto the mark with the strawberry flavor. We felt that the soda was overpowering and could not find the the taste of essence. Few more tries with the balance might make an amazing drink.


1. Jalapeno Poppers [AED 30]: A unique warm gooey cheese burst fried jalapeño poppers which as soon as it hit our tables, was gone, that good it was. They weren’t spicy at all but were the perfect side dish to all those burgers we
munched on.

2. Wings [AED 39 – 7 pieces]: You have the choice of getting them baked or fried and pick your sauce as well. We picked the fried option and flaming buffalo as we were told it would be a spicy dish. For those who love tabasco sauce this would be one of their favorites.

3. Classic Chicken Nachos [AED 24]: A bowl of nachos loaded with cheddar cheese, topped with jalapeños to bring out the spice and juicy chunks of grilled chicken. It was served along with dips of sales, sour cream and guacamole.

4. Parmesan Truffle Fries [AED 18]: Yellow crisp potato fries fried in truffle oil. We absolutely loved that it wasn’t too much on the oil and were light and tasted like normal fries with a tinge of truffle flavor. A definite must for truffle lovers.

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Check out our starting line up 🥅 @tackle_shack which includes some delicious #nachosMonreal 😏, creamy pink sauce #pasta, yummy parmesan #trufflefries and our #Manofthematch, the Prime #Angus rib burger 🍔 ! A #football ⚽️ foodie cave where everyone 👫 can catch a #game and #enjoy some #fingerlicking #food. Score a goal with your tummies in @ajman with Tackle Shack located in @ajman_qubes and get your pitch ready for a delicious eat off. . . . . . . #chickennachos #pennechickenpasta #parmesantrufflefries #angusribburger #cheesychickenjalapenowrap #classicmojito #tackleshack #ajman #sportspark #ajmanqubes #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaiinfluencers #dubaibloggers #eatinajman #foodbloggers #instalike #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae

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1. Chicken Penne Pink Sauce Pasta [AED 41]: Easily one of our favorites out of everything we tried here. The sauce was creamy and oh so delicious. One bite and we couldn’t stop. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the pasta was just great. Definitely recommend this one.


2. Cheesy Chicken Jalapeño Wrap [AED 21]: The wrap was filled with juicy chunks of chicken paired with lots of jalapeños to rank up the spice. We felt that it would have been much better with little more cheese added to it.


3. Signature Slider Beef and Cheddar Cheese [AED 39]: Slightly pricey for sliders but nevertheless they were good. Not the best sliders we’ve had but they were definitely quite tasty. The meat was cooked and seasoned well.


4. Prime Angus Rib Burger [AED 36]: A must try for any meat lover! This one is packed and meaty and full of flavour. The meat is tender, juicy and quite filling.

5. Grilled Chicken Truffle Burger [AED 29]: A delicious chicken burger with all the right flavours and sauces. Loved the taste of truffle in it. The chicken was a tad bit overcooked but overall still one tasty and juicy burger.


1. Chocolate Brownie [AED 34]: The brownie was a clear winner amongst all the desserts with the fudgy texture that complemented the vanilla ice-cream. The brownie was perfectly baked and nailed the sweetness factor as well. One of our favorites for which we will be heading back soon.

2. Chocolate Fondant [AED 32]: This would have been another highlight in the desserts only if it was not overcooked and the gooey chocolate oozed out as we expected! Other than that, the cake was delicious and went well with the ice-cream.


3. Nutella Frosties French Toast [AED 35]: An eye candy dish for sure. We loved the presentation. Four slices of soft and fluffy bread with a layer of nutella between them. Garnished with powdered sugar, frosted flakes and some berries. Yumm! Can’t wait to indulge in this one again.


1. Latte [AED 12]: The latte was strong and just the right drink we needed after a hearty meal which we enjoyed.


2. Mocha [AED 12]: A warm cup of deliciousness. We loved our chocolate flavoured coffee. The balance was just right and it was just perfect after our heavy meal. Coming back for this one for sure!


A special shout out to our servers Meli and Siri who did a wonderful job of hosting us and making us feel at ease.


Another thank you to the head chef Abdel Aziz Tribake for preparing a fabulous lunch for us to enjoy!


Cash Outflow:
Though there were some dishes which were too overpriced according to us, but the drinks and desserts totally made up for it making it a completely scrumptious and reasonable meal at the end of the day.


For more details, visit Tackle Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We will be heading back for sure to get more of that chocolate brownie and try out the other dishes!

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