A Spanish Cafe and Bakery!

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A cheery and bright place with beautiful aesthetics for the interiors. The contrast of blue and orange brings out this happy vibe which allows for a great experience to enjoy the food!



You have a showcase of desserts such as break my heart! And a line of mouthwatering delicacies that will keep tempting you. To name a few of the desserts would be the milk cake, eclair, pastries, chocolates, truffles and the list just goes on.

We were given the option to be seated either inside or out. Since it was one of those clear sunny warm days, we chose to have a seat outside and enjoy the views of the Burj Khalifa. But to our disappointment, we didn’t enjoy as much and didn’t anticipate our meal being interrupted by houseflies, which probably wouldn’t have happened if we were seated in. The staff was quite helpful later in helping with this situation and placing a smoke diffuser on the table which did reduce the problems momentarily.


Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points:

Outdoor Seating

Bite Board

1. Passion Fruit Mojito [AED 33]: Our usual order of Mojito without which our meal isn’t complete. However this drink disappointed us a bit as it was too heavy on the soda and passion fruit. Initially the drink was chilled and more on the passion fruit flavor, but eventually made the drink way too sour over time.


2. Blue Caracao Mojito [AED 32]: This one looks like a vacation in a mason jar. A bright vibrant blue colored mojito that’s garnished with a few mint leaves and lime wedges makes for a really good and refreshing drink. It’s a must on a nice warm sunny day.

3. Hot Chocolate [AED 28]: A warm mug of milky chocolate drink. We would have liked it better if the chocolate was more.


4. Lemon Mint [AED 27]: The Lemon Mint drink came in a very ordinary glass with no special presentation of sorts. The taste was alright, however it did lean more towards the sour side. Would definitely pick some other drink over this.

5. Gazpacho [AED 39]: It is a traditional soup from the southern Spanish region. We loved the presentation of it. It’s creamy and smooth in texture with an orange-pink colour to it. The soup was quite flavorful and savory; not one of our favorites but definitely worth a shot.


6. Coca Bread [AED 43]: The traditional Catalan leavened flat bread is a really good choice for a healthy start. Topped with sun dried tomatoes and fresh roasted eggplant purée that also comes with a side of Gouda fondue.

7. Quinoa Risotto [AED 41]: This salad was quite delicious. The quinoa was soft and had good flavor. This is a must try for all quinoa fans!


8. Apple Salad [AED 41]: A lovely salad that’s really light and fresh. It comprises of baby spinach, few bits of manchego cheese chips and shredded apple
with a balsamic dressing. This one is worth a try!

9. Fennel and Orange Salad [AED 38]: We weren’t a fan of this one to be honest. A fennel salad dressed with extra virgin oil and some slices of oranges. This salad wasn’t too appetizing and despite the appealing presentation.


10. Shakshuka [AED 39]: An absolute favorite of ours! Served on a skillet, the shakshuka consists of runny eggs served on a bed of fragrant tomato based sauce seasoned with herbs and spices. It also comes with a side of fresh bread. We enjoyed eating this one due to its perfect seasoning and the overall delicious flavors.



11. Caramel Pancake [AED 46]: The pancakes were warm and fluffy! These were served along a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top and dressed with fresh fruits and chunks of banana pieces on each side. The fruits were fresh but the caramel sauce was less making the pancakes quite dry. A little more sauce and it would have been lot better!

12: Chocolate Pancake [AED 46]: The serving of the pancakes was good for two people. It was loaded with several fresh berries which we absolutely enjoyed. Although the pancakes were light and fluffy. They tasted fresh and delicious, but again, we thought there should have been more chocolate.

13. French Toast [AED 42]: A crisp stack of yumminess piled with blueberries and blackberries with a drizzled of chocolate sauce. We would have preferred more chocolate sauce as dip to enjoy it to the fullest.

14. Halloumi Scrambled Egg [AED 43]: Another one of the breakfast items that we really liked. This one has light and fluffy scrambled egg served on toasted bread and served with a couple slices of halloumi, some charred vegetables and sliced avocado.

15. Fluffy Egg [AED 39]: This was an absolute delight to eat! Quite light and fluffy with a minimum seasoning of just salt. It was simple yet delicious. Its served with slices of sauteed mushroom which were really tasty and a few cherry tomatoes on the side.


16: Granola [AED 27]: An uber healthy start to the day is with a jar of this. The jar is filled with yogurt and has layers in between that comprises of walnuts, different berries and pieces of banana that brings a hint of sweetness to this.

17. Chocolate Crepe [AED 26]: If you’re expecting a serving of crepe loaded with chocolate dressing, then you’ll probably be a tad bit disappointed. This dish was a serving of about 4 crepes. The inside of the crepe had a very light spread of chocolate and the topping over the crepe was just a drizzle of chocolate sauce. All together we thought they could have been a bit more generous with the chocolate sauce so that the dish could live up to its name.


18. Saffron Milk Cake: An absolute fresh sponge cake topped with vanilla cream and milk, this was one delightful dessert we didn’t mind digging into, but we felt it lacked the essential saffron taste that should have been present.


19. Pistachio Milk Cake: As we are huge fans of milkcake, this one was a new flavor for us to try. Soft spongy pistachio cake layered on top with vanilla cream and pistachio milk to top it off, this was too much of the pistachio flavor that we didn’t enjoy the flavor of vanilla or the sponge hence disappointing us.

20. Momoro: A tiny red ball covering of gelatin and filling on dark chocolate and coffee flavored cream topped with a slice of chocolate. This tasted bitter initially but went really well with the gelatin.

We felt that the service was very slow, and the servers were confused about the orders.

Cash Outflow:
Due to the location the pricing might seem okay to some and few might find it out of their budgets! We did find it kind of expensive for the quantity being offered.


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Circling Back
We would make another visit just for the shakshuka!

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