One stop spot for the most divine Khaleeji sweets and desserts!

We were invited by the restaurant to sample their new additions to the menu. These included, their new cream puffs, cheesecakes and brownies.

Located in Box Park, this outlet, Sukkar, is the dessert special arm of the hot and happening local favorite restaurant, Logma. Full marks were given firstly because of the amazing Box Park vibe and the fact that the outlet faces the main road, thus making it easy to identify and approach. Sukkar on its own is a small to medium sized outlet, with the cutest interiors. Themed in baby blue and pink, you know they’ve got their quaint dessert identity on point. Due to space constraints, they have only one or two tables inside. Most of their seating is around the outlet, outside, but with plenty of shade this wasn’t a problem at all, we got to enjoy the wonderful weather and enjoy our tasting!


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1. Rose Cream Puff [AED 12] : This was a delicate little puff pastry topped with pink sugar and stuffed with rose flavored cream. A twist to the regular cream puffs we’ve all seen and had at some point. The highlight of this dish was the amazing flavor of rose that really stood out with the cream! It tasted luxuriously delicious.


2. Blueberry Cream Puff: Another variation of the cream puff, which comes in many other flavors as well, such as pistachio, chocolate and vanilla. The flavor of blueberries here was like literally biting into a bunch of fresh blueberries. A perfect evening snack, paired along with some freshly brewed hot tea, would set the evening right!


3. Kunafa Cheesecake [AED 28]: This Kunafa Cheesecake was kunafantastic! Above all, our favorite was that biscuit layer. It had an amazing flavor, that really grounded the sweetness of the kunafa. A perfectly balanced dish.

4. Pretzel Brownie [AED 15]: The brownie had the perfect texture that we expected. The taste was very different, yet was delicious! Worth trying out.



5. Cookie Crumble [AED 45]: Cookies and ice cream! Absolute love right here. To make it even greater there were even hazelnuts! Pure bliss! So this dish is served in a skillet shaped ceramic bowl. The cookie bits, as the name suggests, are crumbled at the bottom and mixed into it are hazelnuts, chocolate sauce and salted caramel sauce. Served with two mini scoops of vanilla ice cream, this dish proved why it’s another hit dessert at Sukkar!


6. Nutella Well [AED 48]: Served in a plate came a cylindrical shaped chocolate cake, topped with almond flakes, raspberries, and two triangles of honey comb. It was also accompanied by, the ever graceful, scoop of vanilla ice cream. As we dug our spoons into this cake, we noted its soft exterior ggive way to all that hot chocolate and Nutella to ooze out onto the plate and greet the ice cream.


A classic combination, amplified by the Nutella, this dish cannot disappoint! Also we noted the bits of honey comb, went superbly along with the chocolate taste. A popular favorite at Sukkar, this one is their top hot dish!

7. Horlicks Milk Cake [AED 50]: This milk cake was super soft and well soaked in the milk. The good ol’ Horlicks taste was subtle and perfect. The cake was topped with a handful of cornflakes which we really liked. Also, the crunchiness of the cornnflakes complemented the soft texture of the cake. Overall, it satisfies your taste buds with its amazing taste!



8. Saffron Latté [AED 25]: This was another first for us. The saffron latté was served with little bits of marshmallows on the top and garnished with saffron. The taste was absolutely perfect and was delicious!

9. Morrocan Tea [AED 24]: The Morrocan Tea was served in a delicate silver Arabic tea pot with two small glasses. The tea was perfectly brewed and hot, it was well infused with the traditional morrocan herbs and taste.

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Here's a shot of our visit to the beautiful dessert café, @sukkaruae in @boxparkdubai! 😄 A dessert arm of the hot and happening local favorite restaurant, @Logma!💃🔥The desserts are absolutely fabulous in taste, presentation and quantity. We loved 🤩 how each dish had an element that would balance out the sweetness of the dessert 💁 We can't pick just one as our favorite here, because we honestly loved them all! 💯 Perfect spot for long drawn chats with your best buddy or even a cute date over hot tea and a slice of cake! ❤️👌 . . . . . . #chocolatecheesecake #nutellawell #cookiecrumble #horlicksmilkcake #kunafacheesecake #rosecreampuff #saffronlatte #blueberrycreampuff #pretzelbrownie #morrocantea #sukkar #newmenu #logma #boxparkdubai #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaibloggers #dubaiinfluencers #dessertgram #dessertsfirst #eeeeeats #flatlaysquad #foodbloggers #instalike #localguides #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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Fantastic service by the most courteous staff, Lorrie! We had a very comfortable experience, all our dishes came in reasonable time and all our needs were met. Also, the manager Mr. Wisam was extremely pleasant and made sure we had a good visit.

Cash Outflow:
Given the location, fabulous service, excellent ambience, and even more terrific choices of desserts and hot beverages and most importantly the quantity and quality of the food and drinks, this place makes every penny worth it.


For more details, visit Sukkar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We will be heading back for sure to gorge on more Khaleeji specialities! No doubt about it.

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